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Ramadan; the month of Quran spring

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Ramadan; the month of Quran spring
 Nowadays we have been witnessing intensified violences in some provinces. All these deadly attacks were attributed to Taliban as the ISIL has also claimed responsibility for some of them. The Taliban have called their spring offensives as “Jihadul-Khandaq” that sparked strong reaction of religious scholars. Issuing a statement, Afghanistan Nationwide Ulema Council (ANUC) called it wrong and declared that Khandaq is the name of one of the battles of Islam great Prophet (PBUH) which was carried out against infidels and polytheists and in no circumstances it is proper to be used in ongoing Afghanistan conflict while both warning factions are muslims, Afghanistan is an Islamic country and the ruling system in this country has been established based on Islamic believes and all Shariah rites have been landing by courts precisely. 
Nevertheless, the Taliban have extended the scopes of their operations suicide attacks and explosions to a number of remote districts, cities as well as capital Kabul and beside victimizing of certain ANSF numbers, a number of civilians were also martyred or injured. Reports say that Taliban have gained temporary achievements in some remote districts and dominated some local administrations temporarily.
According to available reports, this group has not achieved these slight and temporary gains simply but their casualties have been many fold more than that of ANSF and civilians. According to statements of ANSF spokesmen, withdrawal operations of Taliban terrorists from their temporary occupied places have already been started as currently operations is going on for recapturing of Tala-o-Barfak district, Baghlan province and operation on recapturing of Belcheragh district Faryab province has been ended and ANSF have taken full control of this district and operations on recapturing of Kohistanat district, Badakhshan province would be started soon.
Prior to this, the RS authorities had announced that being aware that keeping their domination on populated areas and districts’ centers and cities, the Taliban terrorists would be focusing further on deadly operations and would be trying to resort to those operations that launch propaganda in their favor.
They would be trying to target civilians in populated areas and concentrate more on attacking ANSF and challenge the Afghan government.
The experiences of previous years have shown that in no case, these terrorists can continue their domination on remote and populated districts and areas for long time. Every time they attempted to occupy a populated area, were repulsed quickly and their occupied area was taken out of their control and terrorists sustained huge causalities. The most important factor behind this situation is our people’s wrath and indignation.
The Afghan people in no case can accept Taliban domination on their individual and social affair. The people have bitter memories from Taliban rule and are wearied from their terrorist actions and are ready in no case to surrender to them. The religious community of Islamic countries also don’t accept their actions.
The recent meeting of religious scholars in Indonesia, supporting the peace plan of the Afghan government on concluding of ongoing conflict and violence in Afghanistan, called Taliban terrorist attacks frankly against Islamic orders, that could be an end for legitimacy of Taliban “Jihad Al-Khandaq” and a decisive and convincing reason to Afghan muslims to fight and reject them.