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Since establishment of Pakistan, Pashtun and Baluch tribes burning in unknown war

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Since establishment of Pakistan, Pashtun and Baluch tribes burning in unknown war
 It is seen seldomly that a movement be formed in Pakistan and criticized consistently from the policies of this country.
But, now, a great event is expected to be occurred in it.
Pashtuns who form about 15 percent of 200 million population of this country, launched a protesting movement in the name of “Pashtun Protection Movement” that wants justice and further rights. 
This movement is lead by a young man in the name of Manzoor Pashtun and so far, held several demonstrating meetings in several great cities of Pakistan.
This movement wants illegal murderings and contemptuous behaves be ended by security forces against them, clearance of Pashtun areas from mines as well as this movement wants those who were arrested arbitrarily within several years by Pak Government and their destiny is unknown be released.
General Director of Azady Printing Press and Head of South Asia Media Association Mohammad Zia Bomia during an exclusive interview expressed his consideration in the connection that the suffering tribes of Pashtun and Baluch living beyond Durand Line who fought against great colonial emperor of the then Great Britain and gave much sacrifices in the connection  andkneed the enemies in battle fields.
But their sacrifices and struggles resulted another colonialism be ruling on them that is more barbarous comparing the former one.
Bomia added that since very days of establishment of a country in the name of Pakistan, these two suffering tribes of Pashtuns and Baluch are burning in the flames of unknown wars.
They deprived from their natural rights of progress and developments and finally their life and their chastity is not safe.Some times in the name of riot and other in the name of terrorism etc, are suppressing and are depriving from natural rights. He added that the ISI of Pakistan is always making effort to establish the bases of terrorism in the regions Pashtuns are living there. The terrorist programs are organizing in these areas. Any movement organized against military forces of Pakistan being suppressed. Bomia said that thousands youths of Pashtuns and Baluches were faced with unknown destiny.
Rapes were taken place on their thousands young girls and then they were murdered.
All these join hands and caused to upraise and raise their voice against tyrants and despotism of Pakistan military forces.
Despite their voices were covered by Pakistani press by reckoning of military forces of that country, but despite this, the protesters voices intruded from the borders and received by world people. 
The world people got awareness about tyrannies suffered by these tribes from the address of tyrants.
In the course of history of this country, the governments of Pakistan were facing with freedom fighters movements in various kinds and neutralized these movements and for their haltering, the Pak governments no spare from any barbaric action in the connection.
Thousands freedom voices of people live beyond Durand Line may became silent and remained unheard. Bomia stated.
He said that demonstration in such vastness may be a glad tiding for a better tomorrow and would cause great changes in the region.
These voices are belong millions oppressed people that should be heard by the UN and other international institutions who are claiming as the defenders of human rights.
The government and people of Afghanistan regard beyond areas of Durand Line as their own and support the righteous struggle of Pashtuns and Baluches. Bomia concludes.