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Terror groups implemeant aliens’ goals

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Terror groups implemeant aliens’ goals
 Although ANSDF have been equipping and experiencing day by day and gain capability of extermination of people’s sworn enemies but suicide attacks and explosions are phenomena that have been causing fear and horror among our people time and again and victimize innocent civilians.
On illegality of suicide attacks in Islam, repeatedly has been emphasized by prestigious religious authorities inside and outside the country, as in recent meeting of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia religious scholars suicide attacks on civilians were called against Islamic rules and was said that terrorism should be attributed to no tribe, nation and religion, but as it has been seen, the terrorists and their supporters who apparently call themselves followers of Islam holy religion, neither attach any importance to verdicts of Ulema of these three countries nor avoid such attacks but passing each day increase and intensify their suicide attacks and explosions and trying to create atmosphere of fear and horror and allocate headlines of media to themselves.
The afflicted people of Afghanistan are welaware of false identity of these professional criminals and notorious mercenaries and know that they are implementing goals of aliens’ and act upon their order.
Under such circumstances our security bodies are required to undertake a military and security strategy to relax the situation and bridle the terrorism, because no doubt attention to this strategy beside other important and urgent issues could turn to normal current complicated and disturbing situation to an extent and create hopes to security in public opinions.