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Formation of political coalition should be based on national interests

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Formation of political coalition should be based on national interests
 In recent weeks, a number of government officials and political parties have taken a step towards creating political coalitions. It is worth mentioning that such coalitions as Protection and Stability Coalition as well as Jihadi Parties Coalition led by mujahidin and jihadi leaders were also created a year ago, but their stance and position are not still clear regarding reforms in the country.
It should be said that recently a number of political figures and parties have created political coalitions to get demands from the government as political demands and exerting pressures on government through political coalitions are not good.
Political coalitions in other countries of the world are usually created during election for formation a desirable government, but in Afghanistan political groups make effort to somehow criticize the government and make use of distance between the government and the people for their own benefits.
Now the main debate is that National Unity Government (NUG) is committed to national consensus and fair partnership and is making effort to implement and consolidate it besides fighting terrorism and any kind of discrimination in the country as good governance, equal implementation of law, protection of political stability and enduring of the system, bolstering democracy and freedom of expression are in top priorities of the NUG.
The people of Afghanistan are, therefore, asking all political and tribal groups, opposition and politicians who are with government or against the government to observe such priorities in their political stances as the people of Afghanistan have got these achievements with lots of challenges and problems and do not want to lose them very simply.
But, anything which is being questioned by the people of Afghanistan is that who are leading the new coalitions? Most of those who have created the new political coalitions are working with the government and fully using of its concessions. These figures should make effort to bring reform and address problems and challenges facing the government and people of Afghanistan and should not let foreign countries misuse of such political tensions.
All the people of Afghanistan and world know that national unity government that is formed based on accepted political and legal norms respects opposition and its activities in framework of the country’s constitution, but opposition inside the government is a paradoxical move and is far from legal and political logic from point of national and international aspects as it is unacceptable that one works from inside the government against the government and through this provides facility for enemies of the people and government to misuse of such condition.
Leaders of Junbus-e-Islami, Wahdat-e-Islami and Jamiat-e-Islami who are working in top posts of the government have recently created a coalition as ‘High Coalition Council for Protection of Afghanistan’ in Turkey. Soon after the respective coalition was formed in Turkey, another coalition was formed as ‘Mehwar-e-Mardum’. Leaders of the two coalitions have claimed that their own goal was to save Afghanistan rather than topple the government.
Leaders of the first coalition are all partners of national unity government but are standing against the government, which is unacceptable and no logic can accept it. Formation of such coalitions can increase serious concerns of the ordinary people of Afghanistan as declaration of such coalitions question legitimacy of the system.
 Therefore, these coalitions should make effort to initiate good programs for saving the country from current situation and should not let enemies of the people make use of opportunities.