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Fighting terrorism needs international cooperation, NSC

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Fighting terrorism needs international cooperation, NSC
 Amid growing suicide and terror attacks in the capital Kabul and other provinces of the country, the National Security Council (NSC) said, ‘NSC has asked Afghanistan’s international partners to cooperate in fighting terrorism and foiling terrorist attacks.’
NSC officials said, ‘NSC leadership has talked with some world countries on war on terror and they have expressed their readiness in this regard.’
NSC spokesperson Qadir Shah told media the National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar has separately met with some international partners during which both sides talked on fighting terrorism as well as air supports and information about terrorist groups’ activities.  
According to him, decisions are mostly focused on coherence between the Afghan security forces and further cooperation on strategic information in order to fight ongoing security threats. 
At the same time, officials of the ministry for defense said, ‘Afghanistan is among the countries where has always been victimized by terrorism.’
They added terrorism does not only threaten Afghanistan, but the regional and entire world countries as well, therefore, global cooperation is needed to fight this phenomenon. 
Acting spokesperson to the ministry of defense Mohammad Radmanish said, ‘Our neighboring country Pakistan has never wanted to cooperate with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism and it is a clear fact that it has always practically supported terrorism. Thus, the world countries should enhance pressure on Pakistan so it stops supporting terrorist groups and honestly start cooperation with Afghanistan.’
A lawmaker, Mirdad Nejrabi said, ‘NATO member states are the great countries that can continuously support Afghanistan in fighting terrorism, because, still terrorism is a great challenge before restoring peace and stability in the country.’
He added equipping of the Afghan security forces is a must, because, they need long-term support to fight insurgents.
Another lawmaker, Bashardost said, ‘The combat capabilities of the Afghan security forces have increased, but they still need international community’s support, because the government of Afghanistan cannot equip and support all its security forces by its own.’
A number of Afghan citizens asks international community to support and cooperate with Afghan security forces in fighting terrorist factions particularly Daesh and Taliban, because terrorism threats are being risen by each passing day. 
A university student Milad said, ‘However, huge amount of money has been spent to fight terrorism and ensure security in the country, but unfortunately, still suicide attacks and explosions are one of the people and government Afghanistan’s serious concerns. Therefore, world countries should cooperate with us in order to have a stabilized country.’
This comes as the Taliban and Daesh terrorist networks have recently increased their attacks on people and Afghan security forces and we have witnessed many attacks conducted by them on different parts of the country over the last one month.