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Fasting; the feast month of Almighty Allah

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Fasting; the feast month of Almighty Allah
 The holy month of Ramadan (fasting month) is a month that all fortunes, happinesses and worshipping are reaching to their summit and this month brings every one heart to excitement.
The great Prophet of Islam Hazrat-i-Mohammad (PBUH) praised this month very much and gave glad-tidings about banning of satans and multiplexing of alms and rewards in this holy month.
Ramadan is the third pillar of Islam and is from among hypothesis of Almighty Allah.
This month is the month of the feast of Allah.
Allah the Almighty suggests the fasting month is mine and I myself give the reward of those who are fasting.
This means that other rewards are given to muslims via admitted angels, but the rewards of fasting is given by Almighty Allah directly.
So, much virtues are hidden in this month that are granting to virtuous muslims by Allah the Almighty.
Ramadan is the month of praying, recitation of Holy Quran, mercy and forgiveness. 
Holy Quran has been revealed in this month and taking fast is an obligation to all muslims in the course of this month.
It should be mentioned that one of the meanings of Ramadan is the raining in fall season.
As the rain of this season cleans the dirts and dusts of environment, similarly the fasting month also cleans the hearts of fasting muslims from any sins and pollutions.
Another meaning of fasting is burning.
In this month, all sins of fating muslims to be burnt.
Fasting has its own conditions. Those who take fasting should be young, wise and have the strength of taking fast and should not be sick and also he/she should not be in tour.
Almighty Allah in Holy Quran suggested that fasting is an obligation for you as it was the same for previous umma.
In this holy month, eating and drinking is not only forbidden but all limbs of body should be fasting from committing the sin. Those who are ill permanently or fasting endangers his/her sanitation situations, they should not observe this month.
Those who are not capable to take fasting, they should give its expiation to those who are deserving.According to the verses of Holy Quran, those who are ill or are in tour, after getting healthy and returning to their home, they should take fast.
Almighty Allah provided much facilities for His creatures in this holy month and also has much rewards that Almighty Allah Himself knows it.
So, it is necessarily to obey the order of Allah and should focus our attention to those who are hungry for good and for the sake of our benevolent and merciful Allah, we should take some alms to those who are poor.