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Targeting innocent civilians, ongoing bloodshed unlawful at any time, Ulema

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Targeting innocent civilians, ongoing bloodshed unlawful at any time, Ulema
 Armed Taliban insurgents have increased their attacks on the people during the month of Ramadan. A number of religious ulemas in separate interviews with The Kabul Times by condemning such attack stress the holy month of Ramadan is the month of peace and brotherhood and ask the armed opponent groups to avoid killing Afghan innocent people.
Abdul Malik Ziayee, advisor to chief executive and one of the country’s religious ulemas, told The Kabul Times that targeting innocent civilians was not acceptable and this act of the armed opponent groups was against Islamic principles and humanity.
“Killing innocent people is unlawful ‘Haram’ in Islam at any time as Islam is the religious of peace, brotherhood, parity and friendship. But, armed Taliban insurgents by launching suicide and organized attacks kill our innocent people under the name of Islam and jihad, which is not acceptable,” Zayee said.
He stressed that most of such attacks are planned outside of the country that uses the Taliban and other armed opponent groups as tool for their goals in Afghanistan where the people were the victim of their vicious plots. 
Pointing to interferences of Pakistan in internal affairs of Afghanistan, advisor to chief executive said: “Unfortunately, our people have suffered the ongoing and imposed war for the past three decades. Most of insecurities and security threats facing now the country are planned by the Pakistan government and militaries who are providing safe havens, equipment and budget to armed Taliban group for fighting against the Afghan government and people.”
He said that the enemies of Afghanistan people should know that the brave people of Afghanistan would never surrender to such threats and suicide attacks.
In connection with peace offer suggested by the government of Afghanistan to armed Taliban group, Ziayee said that the peace offer by Afghanistan government for Taliban was a comprehensive and good peace package supported the international community as well, adding that the Taliban group had to respond the peace offer as peace talks could resolve and end the ongoing war in the country rather than war and violence.
He suggested that a religion-based way or intra Afghani dialogue should be delivered to the Taliban group in order to end war and violence in the country, adding that no sides could win the ongoing war except peace talks and reconciliation.
On the other hand, an Afghan religious figure and imam of Nabawee mosque in Kabul Mawlavi Mohammad Omar said, “Ramadan is a holy month in which all Muslims observe fast and worship day and night. If Taliban are Muslims, they should stop killing the innocent civilians during this holy month.” He added that the people of Afghanistan did not bear the ongoing war, violence and tyranny anymore in particular during this holy month.
Afghan religious figures and ulemas’ remarks have come amid increasing of suicide attacks and explosions that have martyred and wounded our innocent people including women and children even during the holy month of Ramadan. The people of Afghanistan are asking the armed opponent groups to stop killing the people and destroying the country, instead they should come to resolve and end the ongoing war through talks and negotiations.