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Farah people’s role should not be ignored in repulsing Taliban’s attack

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Farah people’s role should not be ignored in repulsing Taliban’s attack
 Evaluation of defending activities by brave soldiers of the country showed that the role of people in prevention from expansion of Taliban attacks in Farah province should not be ignored.
Because, the experiences of defending activities of heroes in battlefield now and in the past indicate that they are enjoying from support of people that is appreciable and got vast dimensions. 
With the support of people from brave national and defence forces the latters perform their sacred duty with full assurance and with using the weapons they have in their hand, they get achievements more and suppress the enemy of people and country and also prevent from their unexpected assaults.
The last week attacks of Taliban on Farah province inflected heavy human and material losses on people of that province, caused vast criticism by those attended in a meeting, the participants including the security incharges of the province and a number of people’s representatives in parliament and provincial councils and tribal dignitaries, with delivering speeches, they criticized the security and defence forces of the country for their failing in repulsing of Taliban attacks and regarded it as a non-chance and the people’s support from these forces lauded.
In this meeting that was attended by the security incharges of three security and defence organs including ministers of defence, interior and general director of national security, they heard the suggestions and critics of tribal elders and assured the latters about maintaining security especially during emergency states.
In this meeting minister of national defence regarded this unprecedented attack of Taliban as a coordinated move through neighboring countries for water and commemorated that this attack and exacerbation of war in Farah has its root in water process especially as a move for prevention from extension of TAPI gaspipeline of Turkmenistan.
The western countries, for prevention from construction of Bakhshabad water dam and  extension of Turkmenistan TAPI gas pipeline equip Taliban and organize them for destructive activities in this province.
More investigations are needed to accept the reality of this investigation.
But, the security incharges thanked from people’s cooperation in defence process that they defended them with all possibilities were available for them against Taliban attacks.
One of well-known women of Farah province criticized government and security organs in replacement of cadres and employees in government organs and asked the president and the related incharges of security organs to maintain justice so that more attention should be paid in the process of organization, so that to prevent from occurrence of such harrowing events.
This is in a time that inflicting moral and material losses by Taliban in Farah province was criticized by tribal dignitaries and security incharges residing in that province for falling short of government in dispatching of supportive forces to that province. 
At the same meeting the NATO forces commander while praising the Afghan security forces in support of residential people fromtheir bravery and repulsing of Taliban during their attack on Farah province and asked for their further successes in battlefields assured of NATO permanent cooperation especially its air forces with security forces of Afghanistan and regarded people cooperation in the connection effective.
In this meeting the incharges of security forces of Afghanistan including ministers of defence and interior and general director of national security thanking from Afghan security forces residing in Farah province, regarded the people’s cooperation effective in such states, they proclaimed once again to meet their commitments to the people and brave ANA residing in this province.
But what the witnesses believe the event should be prevented before their occurrence and for strengthening of security forces, the cooperation of people should be attracted. Because, the experiences showed in any military operation people’s cooperation was a key in their success, as the assault of Taliban on Farah proved this claim.