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Security institutions should coordinate in counterterrorism efforts

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Security institutions should coordinate in counterterrorism efforts

 No doubt, enforcement and equipment of the security forces not only guarantees durable peace and security in the country but the enrichment of this sector causes the borders and territorial integrity of the country also be secured and saved from possible threats of foreign enemies.

During recent thirteen years, the government of Afghanistan made much effort to equip the security forces and with cooperation of its international friends enhanced the capacity and capability of these forces.
These efforts are caused that national army be rehabilitated and be guarantor of maintenance security and safeguarding from national chastity.
One of the basic indexes of a government is its security and defense forces. When it is assured in this connection, certainly stability is maintained by itself.
With focusing to this point, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is making effort as of very days of 2002 and in collaboration with world nations, did to strength, rehabilitate and equip more its security forces and for further enhancement of the level of keeping in red alert and fighting morale of these forces, it took efficient mechanisms in its hand.
In status quo, the enforcement of security forces is a pounder fist at the mouth of the enemies that now are vainly trying to disturb the security situation in some parts of our country.
In the course of recent thirteen years, the enemies of Afghanistan had no achievement. With any measure they resorted, they sustained heavy blows by the security forces of our country.
The success of our security forces in fronts against Taliban and their outside supporters is indicator of this fact that for a sacred ordeal i.e defending the country, safeguarding from independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the county, they turn around one axis.
When the security forces placed against enemy on the basis of this great and sacred ordeal and be the guardians of peace and security, we can obviously say that any war-mongering and terrorist forces are able to stand against these forces and fight them.
Strategically, the enemies of our country are defeated and it is a great success for security forces of Afghanistan.
It is better that the security institutions of our country to coordinate their measures and efforts towards counterterrorism and against all the enemies and for maintenance of durable peace and stability in their war-torn country, Afghanistan.    
The Kabul Times