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Farah people’s role should not be ignored in repulsing Taliban’s attack

 Evaluation of defending activities by brave soldiers of the country showed that the role of people in prevention from expansion of Taliban attacks in Farah ... Full story

Targeting innocent civilians, ongoing bloodshed unlawful at any time, Ulema

 Armed Taliban insurgents have increased their attacks on the people during the month of Ramadan. A number of religious ulemas in separate interviews with The ... Full story

Fasting; the feast month of Almighty Allah

 The holy month of Ramadan (fasting month) is a month that all fortunes, happinesses and worshipping are reaching to their summit and this month brings ... Full story

Fighting terrorism needs international cooperation, NSC

 Amid growing suicide and terror attacks in the capital Kabul and other provinces of the country, the National Security Council (NSC) said, ‘NSC has asked ... Full story

Professional, trained ANP plays effective role in improving security

 The recent changes in MoI are expected to create practical effects in reduction of insecurities throughout the country particularly capital city. Addressing a special occasion ... Full story

Formation of political coalition should be based on national interests

 In recent weeks, a number of government officials and political parties have taken a step towards creating political coalitions. It is worth mentioning that such ... Full story

Terror groups implemeant aliens’ goals

 Although ANSDF have been equipping and experiencing day by day and gain capability of extermination of people’s sworn enemies but suicide attacks and explosions are ... Full story

Since establishment of Pakistan, Pashtun and Baluch tribes burning in unknown war

 It is seen seldomly that a movement be formed in Pakistan and criticized consistently from the policies of this country. But, now, a great event is ... Full story

Helmand to Kabul; the peace march initiative

 Protests in Helmand calling for a ceasefire and talks between insurgents and government has entered its second month.The relatives of victims, activists and other residents ... Full story

Ramadan; the month of Quran spring

 Nowadays we have been witnessing intensified violences in some provinces. All these deadly attacks were attributed to Taliban as the ISIL has also claimed responsibility ... Full story

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