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Global consensus key to restore peace in Afghanistan

 Peace is a god’s gift, under which a society can reach welfare and prosperity. The people of Afghanistan have been witnessing imposed and proxy wars since ... Full story

Enforcing law police force’s main responsibility

 President Ghani insisted that our goal is establishing a persistent peace and stability in the country, stability and security cannot be ensured by the bullet ... Full story

‘Fighting season’: US to send war advisers & drones to fight ISIS

 The Pentagon has planned to send 1000 combat advisers, drones and modern military equipment to fight ISIS in Afghanistan According to Pentagon officials, this move is ... Full story

‘Pressures on Pakistan a must to change its policy towards Afghanistan’

 US has recently suspended military aid to Pakistan due to the fact that the country continued supporting terrorism, extremism and fundamentalisms in particular Haqqani network ... Full story

Central Asia; may be the next target of the ISIL through Afghanistan

 Russia’s intelligence apparatus, in cooperation with the intelligence services of Central-Asian countries, seek to prevent the growth and infiltration of extremist groups, especially the ISIL. ... Full story

AJSC concerned by growing media workers death in Afghanistan

 2017 was the deadliest year for journalists and media in the history of Afghanistan, showing 67% increase of incidences compared to 2016, a from Afghanistan ... Full story

US gives chance to Pakistan to take decisive actions against terrorists

 CIA director warns if Pakistan continues to provide safe havens to terrorists, the United States will take itself a step towards protecting its security. Followed by ... Full story

Dialogue best solution to ongoing problems before E-ID cards

 Nowadays, the issue of distribution of electronic ID cards changed into controversial issue and caused delay to the process. In a general session held on Saturday ... Full story

Ambiguity behind Banayee suicide attack

 More than 13 police personnel were martyred due to suicide attack took place in Banayee area, Kabul city recently which the attack must be investigated ... Full story

On the occasion of the Constitution Week:

A glance at chronology of constitution in Afghanistan ... Full story

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