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Elections, people responsibilities

 On Oct. 20.2018 parliamentary and districts councils election would be held and our people would cast their ballots to their favorite candidates in two chambers ... Full story

Counterterrorism needs common global determination, MPs

 Terrorism and terrorist groups are seriously threatening Afghanistan, the region and world. Counter terrorism effort won’t succeed and will have no positive result until joint ... Full story

Terrorist attack on voter registration center in Kabul widely condemned

Terrorist attack on voter registration center has been strongly and widely condemned inside and outside of the country. Terrorists have once again targeted innocent Afghan ... Full story

Afghanistan, Syria’s similar bloody wars

 Attacking on civilians and justification of such attacks is an open violation from international laws and human moral which is not tolerable in any circumstance. BNA ... Full story

Security organs promise voter registration centers’ security

 Voter registration process kicked off last Saturday throughout Afghanistan, but the only concern of Afghan citizens are security of voter registration centers although defense and ... Full story

Continued sit-in camps & awakening of nation

 Although 40 years of wars and devastating conflicts have inflicted heavy humanitarian, financial, moral and material damages to our noble nation but have caused awakening ... Full story

Taliban can’t define national interests

 Destruction of public utility projects by merciless Taliban aiming to show that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is unable in implementing and security of big economic ... Full story

‘Women’s participation in voter registration process increasing’

 Since the beginning of voters’ registration process one week ago across the country, the number of female  applicant voters in registration centers have been increasing. The ... Full story

Afghanistan should effectively use military aids & cooperation of regional countries, MPs

 Based on invitation of Chinese officials, Afghanistan National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar has left for a three-day visit to Beijing to meet the country’s ... Full story

Registration process only option to determine Afghanistan future

 Despite four days from the start of the voters’ registration process in the country, Afghan citizens are seemingly showing little interest in joining the registration ... Full story

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