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‘IDPs’ problems need to be addressed soon’

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‘IDPs’ problems need to be addressed soon’
 Afghanistan has been fighting war, violence and insecurity for many years, and nowadays there are numerous incidents of war, suicide, explosion, murder and destruction in the corners of the country. The families that are affected by wars and accidents in recent years their situations are more anxious.
This is in a time, while Afghanistan has the second largest number of immigrants worldwide, and it is said that out of every twenty-two Afghans one is internally displaced. 
Despite the fact that Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) are heavily dependent on aid and assistance from the government and international donor institutions, but a large number of displaced families are deprived of these assistances. On the other hand, the amount of assistance provided is very small and inadequate and cannot meet the needs of displaced people.
Hafizullah Miyakhail, advisor to the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates (MoRR) in the connection told The Kabul Times correspondent that this ministry along with responsibility for the response, it also has the responsibility of immigrants outside and inside of the country and a part of activities of the ministry is to address the situation of IDPs that in emergency situations, emergency assistance is provided by the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority in partnership with the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates.
According to Miyakhail, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates does not have a specific budget to assists, it works as a coordinating body for the IDPs.
The MoRR, in collaboration with UN offices in 34 provinces, has created a job committees, composed of national and international organizations, such as the UN, UNHCR, UNDP, UNHABITAT and IOM offices, these committees after an assessment and survey start distribution process of assistances, which includes 11 items of raw materials such as flour, oil, salt, sugar, tea, blanket, water buckets, kitchen appliance, and health facilities, as well six month vocational course for female IDPs has also been considered in carpentry and mobile repairing section, Miyakhail stated. This year the number of IDPs has reached to 193,935 which is more than one million that are displaced due to natural disasters from Helmand, Nangarhar, Kunduz, Baghlan, Takhar, Uruzgan, Jawzjan, Herat, Badghis, Sar-e-Pul and Faryab provinces, Miyakhail further went on to say.