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Transit-transport major economic social source, facility

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Transit-transport major economic social source, facility
 Current transportation situation inside the capital city has caused dissatisfaction and complain of citizens in recent years and they demand the officials incharge to take immediate and practical steps for arranging of urban transport for removal of buses shortage and creation of terminals, bus stops and stations to create facility to passengers during their movement to home.
During the tenure of ex-minister of transport Hamidullah Faroqi, it was promised that for creation of facilities in urban transportation beside activation of available buses and procurement of new buses from India, efforts would be made to reactivate electro buses in different directions of capital city. In this direction certain assessments were made to find solution including fund of expenditures, financial sources, from certain countries but unfortunately this process was stopped and forgotten for unknown reasons.
India had promised to contribute 1000 new TATA model buses but this promise was not implemented. The urban transport in recent few years has been facing with many challenges. This problem has caused people of Kabul city to be stranded in uncertainly.
Fortunately new minister of transportation has recently promised to include building and rebuilding of terminals in his main work plan while according to current assessments, 120 terminals are needed throughout the country. 
Our people particularly the Kabul residents expect and demand the Ministry of Transport (MoT) to seek comprehensive solutions to this urgent social problem and put an immediate end to it and conclude the people waga bandage due to lack of terminals and bus stations.
Regulation of TOWN ACES, flying coaches and coaster model mini buses who are operating in different directions of capital city, is an extremely fruitful and useful step for the government because it can create huge and considerable taxes to the government. 
So it should be put at the top priority of relevant in-charges. It would rescue people from uncertainty because people are fed up with influence of handicapped. 
We want the officials of the MoT to make diplomatic contacts with Indian authorities and remind them on contribution of 1000 new TATA model buses. It would be a big and vital step for removal of people urgent problem. We appreciate efforts of the new MoT in this direction.
Another extremely important issue is arranging of transport-transit lines among Afghanistan, neighboring, Asian and even European countries which plays effective and constructive role in different economic and commercial dimensions in the country.
In recent few years, due to non-implementation of Pakistan pledges, our traders and businessmen sustained heavy damages but in the wake of opening of Chabahar port, our businessmen transit problems would be reduced to an extent.
In recent days, the Torkham port was closed by Pakistan authorities before the Afghan fresh fruits loaded trucks. These fruits would be exported through Chabahar port and huge damages would be inflicted to our businessmen and exporters.
Several trade-transit agreements have been signed between Afghan and Pakistani authorities in the last 17 years but none of them were materialized and Pakistani side was not loyal to their commitments and ignored the agreements. All these transit violations of Pakistan, caused huge damages to our businessmen and trade community.