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Construction of Kabul roads to be completed in one year, Kabul Municipality

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Construction of Kabul roads to be completed in one year, Kabul Municipality

 For the first time, Kabul municipality has reviewed all roads in capital Kabul. Based on the review, there are nearly 3200 km road with 7m width in the city where 52 percent of the roads are asphalted, while 48 percent of the roads are still unasphalted. Moreover, 22 percent of Kabul roads which had been previously asphalted need to be renovated. 

In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, Abdul Jalil Sultani, a spokesperson and head of information for Kabul municipality said, “Nearly 1700 km equivalent to seven-meter road needs to be renovated. Kabul municipality has completed reconstruction of 200 km road and reconstruction work on other 400km road is underway in various areas as Saray-e-Shmali, Qala-e-Zaman Khan, Taimani square road, Khesht-e-Okhtiv, Laysa-e-Maryam and other places. Meanwhile, 210 km road of the city is under procurement process and its reconstruction will be soon started next year.”
He added that work on the rest 800 km which needed reconstruction and renovation would be completed in two years.
Sultani further said that construction work on eight big roads in Khairkhana area of the capital have been already started by Kabul municipality. He named 3rdParwan square – Lab-e-Jar square, Lab-e-Jar square – 500 Family square, Tanzif square – Taimani square, Police town – Tank-e-Til Aryana, Tank-e-til Aryana – Qala-e-Najara, Qala-e-Najara – Gulayye-e-Hesa-e-Awal, Qala-e-Najara – Khest-e-Okhtiv, Gulaye-e-Park – Layce-e-Maryam and Layce-e-Maryam – Khesht-e-Okhtiv as roads the construction work of which were underway. 
He added that construction work on the respective roads would be completed within the next one year.
In connection with closure of a number of roads in Kabul city, the Kabul municipality spokesperson said, “A number of roads are closed due to construction and reconstruction work and will be opened soon after construction and reconstruction work on the roads are completed by Kabul municipality.”
“For reduction of traffic jam in central part of Kabul city, Kabul municipality has decided to start construction work on Pul-e-BaghUmomi – Pul-e-Kheshti and it is determined that the road is going to be asphalted within the next three – four months,” Sultani added.
Sayed Agha, a Kabul resident said, “Construction of roads is very good and we hope that Kabul municipality will effectively construct and asphalt Kabul roads that won’t need reconstruction anymore.”
He asked Kabul municipality for further attention to construction of Kabul roads.
It is worth mentioning that Kabul municipality is trying to accelerate construction and reconstruction work on Kabul roads as most of its residents are complaining about traffic jams and low-quality of road construction work in the city.