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Teahouses run by women in ancient Bamyan

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Teahouses run by women  in ancient Bamyan
 Bamyan is one the securest province in the central part of the country, where thousands of tourists from around the world visit the historical monuments each year.
Women, in the province, are also enthusiast of working alongside their male citizens, as recently two women-managed teahouses are built in the central part, where female tourists would face no problems when see the two proper places provided special for them.
Different types of up to 30 dishes, mostly traditional Bamyani cuisines are served by women in the two teahouses, one of them is expected to soon be inaugurated by the provincial directorate of information and culture, said Sayed Hussain Ahmad Poor, acting information and culture director.
“One of the teahouses, launched by a German HELP institution (working for two years in the province) and the other expected to be opened by the information and culture directorate of the province,” Ahmad Poor told The Kabul Times in an explosive interview.
Five to 15 women are usually engaged in work at the teahouses, he said adding their cuisines are also put in show, mostly during springs and summers, where tourist number increases, he said adding women, by this and other resorts would go forwards towards self-sufficiency.
Meantime, Sakina, in-charge of the first teahouse said no proper place was in the past to run such a teahouse nor any fair recreational sites for women in the province, while many modern and luxury hotels are built, but the HELP institution funded the teahouse to launch.
The main aim of the plan to establish the teahouses, was to help women get self-sufficiency, she said adding 20 to 30 people visit the teahouse each day.
She said: “We want to increase the number of female workers from four to 20 by expanding the teahouses, for the next two years.”
Pointed to the German HELP institution activities, she said that the organization was mostly focusing on the cultural issues.
But she complained about hike of primary food prices, during the winter season, hoping the problems to be solved gradually.
This is while, the first ever women park has also been established by an Afghan American woman in the historical Zuhak city, some 17 kilometers to the provincial capital.