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Kabul municipality responsible for supporting & managing street vendors

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Kabul municipality responsible for supporting & managing street vendors
 Officials for Kabul municipality by supporting and managing street vendors say the municipality is responsible for supporting the vendors and providing them with proper locations to sell their goods.
Head of information and publications for Kabul municipality Jalil Sultani in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent said, “For prevention of traffic jam, Kabul municipality has decided to clear most of streets including central squares of city from street vendors. During the past 15 years, the municipality has been faced with lack of a comprehensive and particular plan in connection with management of street vendors in Kabul city.”
“Kabul municipality has now a procedure to manage street vendors as the municipality made a plan last year to clear most of Kabul streets from street vendors,” Sultani said, adding that work on a survey for finding proper locations for the vendors has been carried out and the process for transferring vendors to proper locations has been already started.
He further said that in first step street vendors would be taken from central squares to the locations; meanwhile, new locations for vendors have been identified in each Kabul district, adding that Kabul municipality was determined to provide permanent locations for vendors to continue their business.
According to officials for Kabul municipality, most of crowded areas as Saray-e-Shamali square, Kot-e-Sangi, Pul-e-Bagh Omomi and other central squares of the city have been cleared from street vendors.
On the other hand, a number street vendors are unpleased of the municipality’s’ move and say Kabul municipality have taken bread and water from us, but no particular and proper locations have been provided for them to sell their goods and do their business.
Nevertheless, Sultani said Kabul municipality was supporting street vendors as they were a big part of the country’s economy, but they were obliged to find a proper locations for them in order to prevent from traffic jam in the city.
Gul Jan, a street vendor, told The Kabul Times correspondent: “I was earning for my children by selling goods on streets, but I still haven’t found any proper locations for my business and I hope that Kabul municipality will find us a proper location to do our business on streets.”
According to a number of street vendors, in most of the world countries, there are street vendors who are selling goods on streets and open ground in vicinity of big cities. They asked the Kabul municipality to find street vendors a particular location which should be in vicinity of the city and people.
It is said that currently there are 85,000 street vendors who are making a living for their children through selling goods on Kabul streets. Street vendors have recently caused many problems and traffic jam in central squares of Kabul city of the municipality of which  finally decided to clean most of streets from vendors.