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Who settles beggars’ problems?

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Who settles beggars’ problems?
 Increasing economic problem due to losing jobs in government bodies, massive repatriation of refugees, unemployment and poverty are all factors behind increase of begging as every day the number of this occupation increases. 
In every street and sidewalks large number of children, oldmen and handicapped, women with their breast feeding babies, youth and adolescents and addicts asking passersby with innocent voice request people arms and help.
Even some innocent children catch clothes of pedestrians and ask help.
Unfortunately most of these pedestrians on streets, sidewalks of the city are engulfed with confusion of living condition and uncertain future. A number of these people are unemployed and don’t know how to find a mouthful to their innocent children.
It is not unlikely that they would not hear the pleading of beggars. Majority of our helpless people are at close quarter with poverty and unemployment and increasing prices of essentials in our free markets.
Large number of people particularly the government employees are unemployed nowadays and despite of their long experiences and long years of service, they cannot find a solution to this problem.
When they face an innocent begging baby with dustful hairs, face and hands and naked feet, it strongly disturb their mind because their pockets are empty and have nothing to give them as an arms for the sake of Allah. 
Who is responsible for this chaotic situation and problem and who should response to flood of street beggars?This is complicated, extremely important but unanswered question. 
Some of the responsible government bodies in order to acquit themselves, blame war for all these disorders. If the officials of MoLSA, ARCS, MoI, MoPH who are directly responsible to take care of these issues, allocate a slight opportunity to hue and cry of naked feet begging children, oldmen, women who plead for one Afghani arms on roadsides in these cold days, and focus frombehind their black glasses, may be their hearts if even they are made of stone instead of piece of meat, would be instigated to find a solution to this urgent social problem. The guilty is of those who are sitting in their peaceful luxurious palaces outside the country and tradewith blood of our innocent nation. Nevertheless, the relevant responsible government authorities should be sympathetic with this people and have a slight mercy to these helpless beggars and invest only a slight amount of generous universal assistance to tackle this frank social problem.