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Increasing violence against women concerning

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Increasing violence against women concerning
 A recent report by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) shows unprecedented increase of violence against women in 2017 in central provinces. Due to restrictions on women’s access to justice organs, the weakness of the rule of law, the continuation of the culture of immunity, the lack of effective coverage of cases of violence against women by responsible organs, the spread of insecurity and corruption the rate of violence against women in the seven central provinces has risen by nearly 22 percent. 
The report, prepared by the Office of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Kabul, stated that during the 2017, 895 incidents of violence against women in the central provinces such as Kabul, Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir, Logar, Maidan Wardak and Ghazni were registered. The rate of violence against women in Central Provinces has increased by 22 percent since last year.
The findings of the AIHRC Kabul Office indicate that violence has been practiced and executed by various tools on victims, which is very worrying.
Human Rights Commission says that during last year, four incidents of women’s killings were registered in the commission’s offices, and all four cases were honor killings. Two cases of honor killings were found in Paghman, one in Parwan and the other one in Logar province.
The AIHRC office also reports about six abductions cases of women and one acid throwing case in central provinces. The incident of kidnapping was registered in 2016, and 6 incidents were with aggression.
Committing suicide is also the most shocking type of violence that forces women, according to the AIHRC. In its report, the commission asserted that last year two suicide incidents were registered in central provinces, which is a significant change in comparison to the numbers of cases last year.
The Office of the Human Rights Commission has registered 19 cases of sexual violence last year which is an acute problem for violence against women.
However, the AIHRC says that although the statistics on violence against women have been jump up in the country, but this could be due to the growing confidence of the people in the functions of the Independent Human Rights Commission and the increase in public awareness, especially victims of violence.
At the same time, a number of women in connection to the regional human rights commission’s office report say that, there are some other cases that show violence against women, but these are hidden from the media, even families that are particularly vulnerable cannot freely express it.
Gulalai, a government employee told The Kabul Times in this connection, that increased violence against women is alarming and said that since many years this phenomenon in Afghanistan has been increased, but the civil society organizations and women’s rights activists have not been able to have so much successful struggle.
Meanwhile, Maryam, a student in this regard said that unfortunately, every day we are witnessing of variety of violence against women, and this has left a huge impact on women’s spirits. The factor behind increase of violence against women is the culture of immunity, and says that if the perpetrators of violence against women in Afghanistan were to be punished, the level of violence against women could be reduced, Maryam went on to say.
This is in a time while the Afghan nation witnessed of such violence against women in the country and the perpetrators have not yet been sentenced by the government.