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First women bazaar opened in Kabul

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First women bazaar opened in Kabul

 Most of bazzars in capital Kabul and provinces are managed by men and women involvement as seller is restricted to few places. With the help of an Afghan businessman the first permanent bazzar in the name of “Bazzar-e-Roze” was opened recently in Babur Shah Business Center in Kabul. Bazzar-e-Roze is a place in which a number of businesswomen display and supply their products and handicrafts only on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Kabul Times reporter visited this bazzar and according to her report, whenever a new comer enters into this bazzar, the atmosphere is completely Afghani and full of women with absolute majority women suppliers and demanders who are involved in business.
What is the goal behind creation of this bazzar, how many women suppliers are involved, which handicrafts are displayed our reporter has made the following conversations with few businesswomen.
Chairwoman of Sana Group Roya Hafezi who is involved in foodstuff processing section and leading the bazzar, said, one month before this bazzar was opened by one of the Afghan traders for businesswomen and at the moment 60 businesswomen are involved.
They supply different products including foodstuff, Jams, Pickle etc traditional Afghani clothes, jewelries, Afghan women handicrafts for homes decoration, carpets, embroideries, leathern industries,sesame oil.
Besides that, females involved in cooking of Afghani foods and meals that are common in the country.
Mrs. Hafezi added, this bazzar has managed to pave good opportunities to our products as our citizens enthusiastilly come and purchase our goods.
Criticizing lack to government support for domestic products, she added, unfortunately so far no public body except the MoAIL has cooperated us. She asked the government to pave the way for holding of domestic products exhibitions and asked citizens to purchase domestic products.
This is the first time that a domestic bazzar is opened for ladies to supply their products and at present 60 boothies are operating here all of them managed by ladies. Part of this bazzar has been put free of charge at the disposal of ladies and the goal behind the bazzar opening is support of domestic products and is a good opportunity to ladies to display and supply their products and become self-sufficient.
This Afghan businessman asked others if they have such places, pave the opportunities to ladies to take steps for their business development.
Maryam Habib a businesswoman who owns a shop in this place and supplies Afghan clothes, calling it important, said this is a secure place to us and since the begging, I have got several customers. I have a production center in Bagh-e-Zananah and one in Karte-Parwan and 15 ladies are working with me.
I had started business with a small capital and fortunately managed to become a businesswoman today.
Habib added, I supply raw materials inside the country, then my female workers prepare, process and pack them. We have both domestic and foreign customers. Our goal is not only selling but also we want to develop domestic products. We hope the government would support us.
Fawzya Bahadori who has been involved in foodstuff processing since over ten years, said our products include Jams, Pickles, candies etc and in the field of processing only the MoAIL has cooperated us.
Talking on the effectiveness of the bazzar, Bahadori added, this bazzar is very good to us. It introduces our products and inform people about our business and our participation in the country’s progress and development. 
A number of citizens who had come to visit and purchase products in this bazzar, expressed satisfaction said, this is a suitable place for women and they supply the best products.
Farahnaz another lady said, fortunately this is a good bazzar for ladies and all essentials are available here. I have never seen before such products. We should use our domestic products. I hope the government would make available such place to women. 
Suraya Raiszada