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Concerns over increasing air pollution in Kabul

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Concerns over increasing air pollution in Kabul

 Increasing pollution of environment in recent years have caused serious concern of citizens. These concerns made upper house to decide to question environment officials. Because its generally believed that air and environment pollution is more dangerous than explosion and suicide.

Two weeks ago the lower house summoned members of High Commission of Prevention of Environment Pollution and set up a one month moratorium to prepare their strategy on reduction of pollution in capital city.
Based on data released by the MoPH in previous years, over 50000 people die due to pollution throughout Afghanistan including capital Kabul with over 3000 fatalities every year.
Increase of population, use of low quality fuel that contain harmful gases, use of large number of smoke producing vehicles are the main reason behind pollution. Lack of employment opportunities in provinces has forced rural to rush to Kabul. Absolute majority of these people use low quality fuel during winter for heating purposes
Upon advent of cold season, pollution has also increased and caused fatal respiratory diseases. Traders who import low quality fuel are mainly guilty. According to a recent research, every day 15 people die due to air pollution in Kabul mostly old people and children. Therefore this category should not go out of home in the morning and evening without mask.
It is believed that moving of smoke producing vehicles is the main reason behind pollution but according to traffic officials, imports of low quality fuel is the main reason not vehicles.
They asked the relevant authorities to prevent imports of low quality fuel.  According to officials of NEPA, lack of snow and rain, shortage of regular power, use of private generators are among the reasons behind pollution. NEPA authorities have already recommended the government to reduce gas price and supply regular power to capital city and prevent low quality fuel. At the moment there are two thermo power plants and their operation could remove the people problems. Because during each short circuit, over 25000 private generators start operation and pollute air and environment.