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ANDMA ready to deal with winter disasters

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ANDMA ready to deal with winter disasters
 Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) has reported about heavy snowfalls and rainfalls in a number of provinces of the country.
According to ANDMA in some provinces snow may be up to 30 cm or rain is expected.
ANDMA in a press conference told that it has full preparation to deal with natural disasters that may occur during the winter or spring.
Meanwhile, due to heavy snowfalls, the Salang highway is blocked to traffic.
ANDMA added  that in order to prevent possible natural hazards, people in different parts of the country has been warned not to travel to high-risk areas and stay at their homes during snow and rainfalls. Deputy Head of National Disasters Management Authority (ANDMA), Mohammad Aslam Seyas also asked the relevant authorities to adopt appropriate measures in hand regarding the health and possible displaced people if needed.
Afghanistan is a mountainous country with harsh winter and possible avalanches as well as heavy snowfalls which lead to closing of roads in some provinces. So, the NDMA has prepared a plan of counter disaster in close cooperation of donors and related Afghan departments, Seyas stated.
Earlier in the report of the ANDMA were alarmed of possible heavy snowfalls in northern provinces, central, southeastern and western, eastern, northeastern and some districts of the north and it is said that up to 30 centimeters of snow and rain is  expected in these areas. The warning was broadcasted while the Salang highway closed to traffic on Monday due to heavy snowfalls.
Meanwhile, General Rajab, head of the maintenance department of Salang, reported about 90 centimeters of snow in the highway, saying that about 90 CMs of snow has fallen in South Salang, which is not troublesome and can be cleaned. But in northern Salang along with snowfall, there is a very harsh storm is continuing. And to protect the people, for the time being we have closed the road to traffic.
Throughout the winter, Afghan people suffer casualties and financial losses as a result of natural disasters.
Within of relief teams, construction of supporting walls and establishing safe centers for injured people is considered a basic need for the people of Afghanistan, Rajab asserted.
In 2017, the UN called for governments to address natural events by 2030, and significantly reduce the death toll of people and financial and economic losses cause as a result of natural disasters.
According to experts if the government is already prepared to prevent natural disasters, especially against avalanches, it is often assumed that the tragedy that had taken place in the past would be prevented.
Although the Natural Disaster Management Authority has announced of necessary preparations to help people, but it is necessary to provide the materials for people who live in remote areas in order to prevent past tragedy repetition neede.