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Audiovisual media should consider national, spiritual values, RTA director

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Audiovisual media should consider national, spiritual values, RTA director
 Over the last years, many media outlets have been operating in the country, afacility which helps the people get aware of the country’s news events and there is no doubt that media can play effective role in institutionalization of freedom of speech. 
The Kabul Times reporter has conducted an exclusive interview with chief executive officer of Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) Mohammad Abdullah, which is as follow:
Q: What is the aim of establishing Afghanistan Radio Televisions Union?
A: One of the media goals particularly Afghanistan Radio Televisions Union is to fulfil active role of media in the country. Likewise, the union could create coordination among audiovisual media outlets and pave the ground for media legal interests’ recognition and help their members in different sections such as edit and offering various programs in accordance with national and spiritual values. 
Q: How many audiovisual media are currently working under this union?
A: Four years have been passed since establishment of RTA and totally, 22 TV and 17 radio stations have got our membership and we are making effort to increase the number and offer best media services to our people.
Q: How can an audio-visual media get the membership of the union?
A: There are two points in order a media can have an effective activity, one, the media should be registered in the ministry of information and culture and second, it should have the frequency permit of the ministry for telecommunications. But unfortunately, a number of our visual media don’t consider these two points. He stressed that all media outlets can get our membership, but on a condition if they consider our rules.
He stressed that some media outlets don’t observe copyright policy and recklessly rob other media programs, but those media outlets that got our union’s membership are not allowed to do such an action. 
Q: What are the facilities have been provided by the union to audiovisual media?
A: Over the last four years, the union could solve many internal problems of media, whether it has been legal or anything else. We could also launch some training centers with our own budget to further standardize the media activities. We are making effort to provide the ground for many other opportunities to audiovisual media, but if we are financially capable. 
Q: What have so far been done in digitalization of media?
A: One of the key issues of media have been the digitalization issue and work is underway on its regulation to change the media system from analogue to digital. If this comes into effect, we would witness high-quality publications. 
Q: What are your achievements made over the four years? 
A: The union in cooperation with other entities of supporting media rights could establish the media federation and we also have its membership. The federation has 16 members and further focuses to prevent audiovisual media violations. In fact, establishment of media federation is a great achievement to all media supporting organizations. 
Q: How is the government’s cooperation with media supporting entities particularly the union? 
A: After the national unity government took the power, it has done much to have good relations with media, that is why a joint committee of media led by second vice president SarwarDanesh has been formed. The committee has 6 members, through which we could establish the journalists’ supporting fund. However, still there are many problems before media activitiesand that the government should address them at its earliest.
Q: Considering media active role and their improvements, what are the challenges before them?
A: lack of access to information, budget problems, lack of access to school, education centers, hospitals, and security entities are among our main problems. Because, sometimes, the security entities give us wrong information, an action which questions the government’s transparency stem and we are making effort to solve such problems.In fact, media play the role of a connection bridge between the people and government.