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Polio vaccination campaign kicked off in 21 provinces, MoPH

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Polio vaccination campaign kicked off in 21 provinces, MoPH
 The officials in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) say polio vaccination campaign has been started in 21 provinces of the country.
The ministry says about six million children under five would be vaccinated across the country.
Dr. Maiwand Ahmadzai, Director of the Polio Eradication Program of MoPH said that since the beginning of 2018, three positive polio cases have been registered in the country.
The campaign will be implemented with cooperation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, Ahmadzai stated.
In 2017, we had 14 polio cases and also in 2018 up to now we have three positive polio cases, one in Shah Wali Kot, second in Spin Boldak districts of Kandahar and the third one in Kama district of Nangarhar, Ahmadzai asserted.
According to MoPH, due to insecurity, about 60,000 Afghan children are remained unvaccinated in insecure areas of the country. Meanwhile, Interior Ministry Deputy spokesman, Nasrat Rahimi told Radio Liberty that they have maintained 95 percent of the security of the area for the implementation of polio vaccination, and in the remaining areas we are making effort with the cooperation of religious scholars to provide vaccination ground.
Polio has been eradicated worldwide, with the exception of Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, and the world now believes that polio would also eradiated in these countries, the MoPH said.
Officials in the Ministry of Public Health urged religious scholars to cooperate with the volunteers that work in vaccination section and through the mosque give awareness to the public as well as encourage their families to vaccinate children under five. At the same time, Mawlawi Shakir, a religious scholar in the connection told The Kabul Times that it is our responsibility to make people aware of this. At the moment, all religious scholars are obliged to inform the public about the implementation of polio vaccination to eliminate the disease in Afghanistan. 
Shakib and Razia two volunteer members of the polio team called on the people to cooperate them in dropping polio vaccine to their children.
“Unfortunately, a few families do not cooperate with us and do not want to stand at their door steps to vaccinate their children, because they do not have trust on us,” Shakib added. The reason that why a number of families do not cooperate with polio vaccination teams is the lack of security in some parts of the city. According to Ahmad, a Kabul resident, the presence of beggars has prevented the people from opening the gates of their homes to the public, because it happened time and again that the people in the name of government representative are entered to their homes and theft their property. In this respect, there is sometimes no cooperation.