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Wild animals further beautified Badakhshan

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Wild animals further beautified Badakhshan
 PamirMountains are among the areas in Badakhshan’s Wakhan which is home to different types of wild animals particularly Marco Polo sheep and snow leopards.
Head of Badakhshan environment protection department, Ghulam Nabi told The Kabul Times considering four decades of crisis which has negatively affected the province’s environment, but fortunately, due to efforts have made recently, the province’s environment is satisfactory and various kinds of wild animals are seen to be living there. 
Deer, goats, bears, snow leopard, wolves, foxes, around 140 types of birds etc. are among the wild animals seen in Pamir, but their number has not been so far estimated, he said.
the snow leopard—one of the world’s most elusive and enigmatic of creatures—has its main stronghold in Afghanistan along with Wakhan Corridor in the northern provinces of Badakhshan and at the eastern Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the province of Nuristan. These two areas, between 3000 and 5000 m in elevation, for just a fraction of the snow leopard’s vast global range that extends through 12 different countries covering approximately 2 million square kilometers. 
Scientists who have been tracking the shy leopards estimate there are up to 140 cats in the Wakhan National Park, established a few years ago across 1 million square hectares. 
The snow leopards are mostly living on heights and in  2006, to protect wild animals, Agha Khan office had launched a program to aware the people in this regard and fortunately, we got good results, Ghulam Nabi went on to say. 
To improve wildlife in northern Badakhshan province, and to prevent hunting wild animals in Zebak, Eshkashim and Wakhan districts, we asked for cooperation of security entities, but unfortunately, due to recent insecurity in some districts, we could not still implement our plans in the respect, he continued. 
This is while that an area had been once established by former king of Afghanistan Zahir Shah to protect Marco Polo sheep and the government had implemented a plan to prevent their hunting, therefore, it is hoped one day all wild animals in Badakhshan to be well protected.