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Law on access to information not implemented in Kunduz, journalists

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Law on access to information not implemented in Kunduz, journalists
 Law on access to information with its six chapters and 32 articles was approved by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani nearly three years ago. It was anticipated that by ratification of the law all the people in particular media could openly get access to information in government organizations, but unfortunately neither the people nor government employees have necessary information regarding articles of the law.
“Law o access to information has not been implemented in government institutions so far; thus, problems have created to media in connection with access to information in the institutions,” Lida Shirzad, a journalist and civil society activist said.
Shirzad added that journalists who were working on investigative reports in the province, could not fulfill their responsibilities in a better way as they did not have access to information.
Based on the respective law, all government and non-government institutions are obliged to give information to citizens and journalists if asked and all citizens of the country in particular journalists should openly have access to information.
Meanwhile, a civil society activist in Kunduz Hamidullah Baloch, asserted that as freedom of expression and development in media sector has one of the government’s key achievements in the past 16 years, sharing information between the people and government has not improved so far.
“It is needed that all civil society activists, media officials, journalists and even school students, university students and other social organizations as well as all citizens of the country should be aware of the law and should be given information if they ask for information in government institutions not only in Kunduz but all the provinces of the country,” Baloch added.
On the other hand, a spokesperson to Kunduz governor NimatullahTimori, says despite that law on access to information has been distributed to all government institutions in the province, it is determined that concerns in this regard will be soon addressed by creating a committee.
“There are some problems in this regard, but despite of the problems, provincial directorate of information and culture has recently launched a seminar attended by a number of civil and military officials to make them aware of the law,” Timori added.
Local officials in Kunduz have said seminars and learning programs would be soon launched in government and non-government institutions in order to effectively implement law on access to information.  Nevertheless, journalists in capital, Kabul say that they have similar problems although all government and non-government institutions are fully aware of law on access to information, but media can get hardly get access to information. 
Sima, an Afghan journalist, told The Kabul Times correspondent, “When we want to work on investigative report, we cannot easily get access to information as most of government institutions avoid giving information, but finally we get some access. Information by repeatedly contacting the institutions.”
It is worth mentioning that each citizen of the country has the right to have access to information and all government and non-government institutions are hoped to share their information with media so that the ordinary people can get information to know what is happening in the country.