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Lasting peace & security government’s top priority

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Lasting peace & security government’s top priority
 A conference was held yesterday by Kabul People Council. Ending violence, maintaining national unity and supporting ANDSF were discussed by participants in the conference.
Speaking to participants in the conference, deputy minister of borders and tribal affairs Yaqoob Ahmadzai said, “Holding such conferences is a good initiative as Kabul is one of the best locations for living, but unfortunately the capital has faced with various violences and catastrophes during the past few years, so holding such conferences will be beneficial.”
“Bringing peace and security to the country is one the government’s top priorities because war and violence have led the people of Afghanistan to chasm of calamities; therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to make further effort towards peace and stability in the country,” Ahmadzai said, adding that the people of Afghanistan should also leave their disputes aside and work to end violence in the country.
Ahmadzai further said that issues discussed in the conference were key and significant and all should work for national unity among the tribes in Afghanistan and Afghan national defense and security forces should be fully supported as the country’s defense and security forces were the real guardians of the country.
Meanwhile, a member of Afghanistan Sciences Academy Abdul Hadi Quraishi read out message of Habibul Rahman Mehdi Cultural and Scientific Center. In the message, all people were asked not to change Kabul as center of violence.
Stressing that the people of Afghanistan were tired of war and violence, Quraishi said that all tribes of Afghanistan should make further effort towards maintaining peace and stability and supporting the country’s national defense and security forces, adding that the government should also make use of all means for protection of national interests, national unity and prevention of violence in the country in particular Kabul.
Another speaker in the conference Lutfullah Safi, a lecturer at Kabul University while regarding holding such conferences as effective for improvement of relations between tribes in the country and finding ways for eradication of violence and strengthening of the system said the anticipation of all the people from the government was to implement rule of law, adding that the government should take further steps towards consolidation of national unity in the country.
At the end of the conference, a resolution that stressed on maintaining peace in the country was issued.
It is worth mentioning that similar national and international conferences have been held regarding up-rooting violence, supporting ANDSF, maintaining national unity and peace in the country.