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ANDSF martyrs’ families need assistance

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ANDSF martyrs’ families need assistance
 Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), who are giving sacrifices and losing their members of body and life and are martyred for this country, need financial assistance today as they are guardians and making a living for their families.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, an ANA officer who has sustained injuries and is now hospitalized at Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital said: “Despite that I have lost one of my legs in fight against terrorism and defending the country, I regularly receive all aids and concessions provided by MoD and today I assure my countrymen that I will join my duty back and go to battlefield to defeat the enemy although I’ve lost one of my legs.”
But, another ANA officer who has also lost one of his body’s members in battlefield told The Kabul Times correspondent the he was working in a bus stop, complaining that he received nothing from ministry of defense except some concessions and now he was facing with difficulties in his life.
“I am making a living for my family and it is challenging for me as I am disabled and have lost one of legs in battlefield,” the ANA officer said, adding that the concessions that are provided by MoD are not enough, so he has to work.
JavedKohistani, an Afghan military expert, says when Afghan youth join ANDSF and sacrifice their life for maintaining security, defending the country and protection of the life of our countrymen, the government, national and international investors are obliged to pay serious attention to them and provide land in their provinces.
He added that the government should also provide professional and vocational education facilities to children and members of the families of those ANDSF personnel who have lost their life in battlefield. 
“Addressing and attention to needs of the families of ANDSF is one of the key responsibilities of the government. But, families of those ANDSF personnel who are martyred in battlefield receive a little cash assistance which is not sufficient. Today all families of the ANDSF’s martyred and injured personnel need assistance and sympathy as they are facing with increasing economical problems even some of children of these families are working on streets to make a living for their families,” Kohistani added.
In honor to sacrifices of the country’s national defense and security forces, it is hoped that Afghan officials should make further effort in this regard as support from the country’s security forces is in fact the protection of the country’s sovereignty.
Nevertheless, a spokesperson to Ministry of Defense (MoD) Gen. DawlatWaziri says families of ANA’s martyred and injured personnel receive regular assistance provided by MoD.
He added that the families have been distributed not only cash assistance but also lands and keys of apartments and the process was going on in capital and in provinces.
The MoD spokesperson further said that the government was committed to continued support from ANDSF as they were the real guardians of the country and people of Afghanistan.