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Gold mines, illegal extractions

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Gold mines, illegal extractions
 Illegal extraction of Afghanistan mines should be discussed with security forces to prevent it. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, spokesperson of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum MoMP Abdul Qadir Mustafa said, the MoMP and NSC have recently signed a MoU with security bodies based on which security forces would prevent mines illegal extraction. Gold is one of our most important riches. Contracts should also be held legally and principally and be passed and approved by HEC.

Mustafa added, in three locations in Raghistan and Shahr-e-Bozorg and Stelpayan districts extraction takes place by local people with the help of armedmen in Kokcha river and take gold. We are in contact with security bodies to prosecute this issue. Because illegal extractions are a big problem. Vast efforts have been made to prevent it, but unfortunately in the areas under the insurgents domination, prevention is difficult. Armedmen are involved in all illegal extractions. Since long time, the MoMP has been suffering of illegal extractions. In our map road, we have been obliged to prevent it.
He went on to say, a committee is expected to be setup in MoMP with the involvement of security bodies to prevent illegal extractions.
The committee would adopt essential preventive measures. We will hold legal contracts with authorized companies that would cause job opportunities to locals and legal extraction of resources and pour revenues into public account.