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108th anniversary of March 8th marked in Afghanistan

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108th anniversary of March 8th marked in Afghanistan
 The 108th anniversary of the March 8th in celebrating by international community, while violence against women in the third world countries, especially in Afghanistan has reached to its high peak. Women’s World Day is marking under the slogan of “It’s time for everyone to run for making positive changes in the life of rural women.”
For the first time, selection of a day as a day of women was set forth in the course of struggle of New York women in 1875 under the slogan of “Right of vote for women”.
In the said year, the female workers of textile mills and garment weaving factories of New York City staged demonstrations in the avenues and demanded for increasing of salaries, reduction of work hours and improvement of work condition.
After 1907, the struggle of women for maintaining of their social and political rights found its itinerary.
Led by a German woman, Klara Zangin, the second conference of female workers was held in Copenhagen in 1910 and worked for determination of women solidarity day. At this conference, 100 women from 17 countries were attended.
Klara Zangin spoke at this conference about the right of the oppressed women and subordination.
Likewise, the Russian women in St. Petersburg and other women gathered around each other in European countries and staged demonstrations so to proclaim their solidarity with world women.
Women also staged demonstrations in Berlin as well as Madrid and Spain in March 8th and 30 thousands female workers chanted the slogan of “Freedom and Peace”, that as a result of which, in 1975, the UN recognized March 8th as the day of “Women Solidarity Day”.
Since the 60s, North America celebrated women day and held functions. Canada followed the suit in 70s. In March 19, 1911, the women’s day was marked in Denmark, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and in the US and millions of women were attended.
Selection of March 8th as the international solidarity day of women has the revolutionary specification. March 8th is coincided with Hoot 17th that is inserted in calendars as “the women world day” that as a result of quarrelsome struggle of women, this day is recognized officially by the UN as “women solidarity day,” and now the movement of March 8th is not limited into few slogans of trade unions of women but owned social, political and cultural specifications and so on.
Now, this movement is discussed in general assembly of the UN and other women world conferences. March 8th has a vast message of women to the world and in this day, half part of population of the world stage demonstrations for maintaining of their humanitarian rights and as a unique body screen their decisive role in all affairs. Celebration from this historical day in world level is a sample of unparalleled unity and oneness of women in world level.
The women are being respected in this day and over three billion women feel themselves in a unique rank for realization of the same aspiration.
March 8th, is an important day for world women and sans considering any geographical border, they determine the destiny of the world and embolden the position of women as a witness and those who have the talent of thinking. Women forms half part of population of our country and it is a great power. 
Beside their brothers and husbands, women work in farmland, factories, health and productive factories and showing transparency from themselves. Beside eye-catching developments in women life, so far, they are facing with some harsh challenges as well.
In the provinces, they lose their lives within delivery, some of them are deprived from health facilities in the villages. Considering mortality rate of mothers, Afghanistan stands in second position in world level. A number of women are victimizing by compulsory marriages and this number estimates 75 percent.
Despite this, family disputes causes the women to resort to self-immolation. The witnesses in human rights of Afghanistan saying that 75 percent factors behind self-immolation are compulsory marriages and 10 percent moral deviations and addiction to narcotics. 
Beside this, a number of women suffering pains from illiteracy. On the other, there is a question. Why the presence of women is not prominent in society and politics? Considering the above-mentioned issues, just division of power in all socio-political fields between men and women is only the guarantor for promotion of democratic process in the country. The recognition of women position as a human being enjoying equal rights with men and not only March 8th, but all days of the year should be decorated with the name of women.