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March 8th; Challenges & problems of Afghan women

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March 8th; Challenges & problems of Afghan women
 March 8th is celebrated in the country, while still many Afghan women are facing with different challenges. Beside all the challenges, today women also have problems in access to urban transports.
They criticized the Ministry of Transport that why there is no specific city buses for women in the capital, saying this ministry knows that Afghanistan is a traditional country, but has not paid much attention to women.
A number of women in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter said that women are facing with this great challenge for a long time, but so far they have not been paid attention by the government and rather than with celebrating the March 8th, women social problems and challenges should be addressed.
According to them, women cannot use the city buses like men, because it is a traditional society, and a vehicle that has one gate cannot properly use like men as they are harassed.
Yalda, one of the employees of the Ministry of Higher Education stated that no attention has been paid for women in regard to transport sector, especially for women who are a government official and forced to benefit from rental car every day to the office.
Today, hundreds of female employees benefit from rental car such as city buses, Townace and taxi, but unfortunately, no head is paid to women, because our society is a traditional society and mostly men benefit from rental car and even the bus conductors tell women that there is no more space go to another bus, Yalda asserted.
She called on the government to address this issue.
“Our people today have more economic problems, and they have to use rental car, but the problem which the city buses have is that it has one  gate, and women and men cannot get it at the same time, and you are witness that the culture of observance for women in our society, which is a male-dominated society, no respect has  been paid to them.
It is believed that if we really want to address the problems of women, then all the challenges that women today are facing with should be practically addressed, otherwise celebrating from March 8th, will not cure any pain.
Mozhda, a university student in this connection said that women are complaining of bad status in national buses and mini-buses. For taking 10 afghanis drivers and conductors fill up the car two fold of its capacity, and this will provide ground for vulgards to harass women and girls. Moreover, in the mili-buses, violation of the women rights can easily be seen; buses has 20 chairs and only six chairs are allocated for women to sit on, sometimes only 2 chairs.
For some people it may not be a big challenge for women, but if government officials try their families to benefit from city buses like other Afghan women, they can understand these problems well that how much women are seriously facing with daily problems.