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March 8th, World Women’s Solidarity Day

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March 8th, World Women’s Solidarity Day
 March 8this the day of women’s solidarity all over the world, and in our dear country, Afghanistan, this day is marking with holding special ceremonies.
This day is worthy such as Mother Day, because woman is a mother.
This day is important for displaying of women solidarity world-wide. Because, in this day (March 8th) world people consider only woman sans any geographical limitations and religious and racial discrimination.
Celebration of this day means proclamation of solidarity and sharing of legal campaign for confirmation of position and identity of women in world level among human society.
Fortunately, this year, March 8th is coinciding with the birth anniversary day of great messenger of Islam, Hazrat-i-Mohammad (PBUH), who regarded his girl Hazrat-i-Bibi Fatematuz-Zahra as a sample of woman before her husband and as a girl before her father.
In connection with March 8th and enforcement of women, a woman from Afghan Women Network, Ms. Shahla Farid in a briefing told The Kabul Times reporter that I myself work in Afghan Women Network.
As this day is marking worldwide, the Afghan women network has a message in this respect.
The message says that an international solidarity should be created among world women and through this, we can serve better for women and make prominent their role in maintaining of peace.
In this great gathering, we demand the international support so to strengthen the women of Afghanistan. She stated. Ms. Farid added that in this day, we want the women be encouraged, especially from those who worked in the field of women rights.Women should be appreciated through offering medals. We are not in favor of their encouragement through money. Those who participate actively for women political partnership in government should be encouraged.
In connection with 1325 resolution she asserted that those women who worked in regard with this resolution of UN General Assembly should be encouraged.
She stated that marking March 8th in fact is celebration from the high position of mother.
The specification of that historical day is marking annually all over the world including Afghanistan.
At the same time, head of capacity building and gender of women affairs ministry, Ms. Sayema Sadaat said that considering this issue that March 8th is a glorious and historical day for all women of the world, especially for women of Afghanistan who are sufferingmuch social, economic and psychological and family problems over four decades and are facing more problems comparing other any stratum of society, this day is worthy for them.
She elucidated that in the world culture, with passing of time women gained the high position of mother.
All world people who are engaged in any work and activity, if they gained some prides stem from the high humane sensitivity of women. 
So, the women should be respected. From beginning of life till the last breath, women has partnership in organizing of living situation and make much effort to nourish and train polite offspring and offer them to the society.
No doubt, all prides of the world are belong to mother.
Additionally, in the course of history  women heroically sacrified themselves and proved that like other women of the world, the women of Afghanistan have the capability for promotion of any activity in all fields, so, they can play their role well in the society and defend from the rights given to them by the society.

As the constitution of the country elucidates the women of Afghanistan are enjoying from all social, political and civil rights. Now, it is up to women of Afghanistan to benefit in a good manner from those privileges in contact with different social and political issues, she believes that in the society, our women have much legal degradations so far.
The Afghan women celebrate this day in a time that hundreds of cases of violence against women have been registered and released all over the country through ministries of women affairs, interior and judicial organs.
Head of Jahesh organization, Tamana Jahesh in connection with world women day said that the women of our country have the long and difficult way ahead, so, now is the time with comprehension of responsibility to register and prove their position in the society according to national and religious worthies of Afghan society not only as symbolic but as a real and can fight against all challenges are facing with and gain their legal rights, overcome all insane ridiculous culture that were given religious color.
The enlightened women are responsible to fight with such issues with complete coordination and rescue their illiterate sisters from it and give them awareness in the connection.
Today, the women of Afghanistan celebrate the world women day in a time that fortunately, peace has been maintained in some extent and we are in the threshold of new phase of our history, she added.  Ms. Jahesh continued that celebration from March 8th, gives us this opportunity that beside men, the women of our country take active part in all aspects of life for progress and development of our country and do what constitution of the country recommends for them and open the way for further development of Afghanistan.
 Masouda Qarizada