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Greenery & its impact on environment

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Greenery & its impact  on environment
 Buying fruitful and unfruitful saplings annually starts in Hoot, an action which is recognized as a good source of income to some people.  
A sapling seller, Khan Mohammad told The Kabul Times our selling starts after starting Hoot (12th month of solar year), and the people buy saplings to keep green their areas. 
“We sell more than 700 types of fruitful and unfruitful saplings,” he further said. 
“I have learned nourishing plants and flowers from my father and it this is my job since long,” he added.
Recently, the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock has nourished the trees through modern ways, as in the past, a sapling could yield after passing several years, but now the reformed saplings can yield in only one year, he went on to say.  
Besides nourishing Afghanistan’s trees, we also nourish foreign trees and our countrymen buy them in good price, he continued. 
Apricot, apple, pomegranate, and some other kinds of unfruitful saplings usually grow better, and their prices start from 100 afg up to 1000 afg and the prices of fruitful plants are higher than unfruitful saplings, he added. 
He said, “We have a union which has 200 members and whenever we face any problem we can tackle it through that.” 
I ask my countrymen to buy a sapling to keep the environment green, because it would not only cause to look the city face green, but would also prevent environment pollution. 
He also asked the government to pay heed on them and provide them with good places so they can comfortably continue their job.
We should generalize plantation of saplings as a culture throughout the country, he said, adding it is an accepted tradition of our ancestors and everybody should take care of planted saplings, he added.