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“Transportation problems in Kabul to be tackled soon”

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“Transportation problems in Kabul to be tackled soon”

 There are over 300 Coasters and minibuses operational in the capital Kabul that caused heavy traffic jams. 

A Kabul mayor advisor on traffic affairs, Suhrab Seddiqi told The Kabul Times Kabul Municipality has decided to make a station in Qoway-e-Markaz to those vehicles and buses crossing Deh Afghanan. He added initial works have already been stated in the respect.  The plan would be implemented in coordination with security sectors, Kabul traffic department and the ministry for transport, he said, adding an overpass would be built from Qoway-e-Markaz to Deh Afghanan. 
The plan would be practically implemented while a station is made in Qoway-e-Markaz and it would take six months, he went on to say.
An employee of the ministry for telecommunications Malalai Tokhi said, “Lack of bus and vehicle stations has changed into a big problem to all government employees and other citizens.”
She added Coaster-type buses are not allowed to enter downtown, an action that has faced us with lots of problems. However, the taxis can go downtown, but we are not able to pay their rent, she continued. 
She said specific cards should be given to the government employees’ buses and vehicles so they are allowed to enter downtown and our problems are solved in this regard. 
She asked Kabul Municipality to build specific stations and provide the citizens with further facilities in the city. 
Another Kabul resident Sayed Jan Nasrati said, “The roads have been constructed to create transport facilities to people and if it is not so, the people should stay at their homes and don’t go to their offices, because, every day we witness heavy traffic jams and we are really sick of it.”
Another government employee Gulalay also complained on heavy traffic jams and said “Every day, I along with my three children walk to reach my office. Sometimes I could not reach my office on time and caused to be absent in attendant-sheet, and if it continues for twenty days, I would be fired.”
She asked the government to pay heed and solve their transport problems. 
This is while that traffic problems have considerably increased and caused to face Kabul residents with lots of problems. Thus, it is hoped effective plans are implemented to help solve such problems.