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Water; key element for life

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Water; key element for life
 Water consists of oxygen and hydrogen is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth.
Water is also essential for the healthy growth of farm crops and farm stock and is used in the manufacture of many products.
It is most important that the water which people drink and use for other purposes is clean water. This means that the water must be free of germs and chemicals and be clear (not cloudy).
Water that is safe for drinking is called potable water.
Water that is not safe to drink is said to be non-potable. Throughout history there have been many occasions when hundreds of thousands of people have died because disease-causing germs have been spread through a community by a polluted water supply.

One of the reasons this happens less frequently now is that people in many countries make sure drinking water supplies are potable. Water supplies are routinely checked for germs and chemicals which can pollute water. If the water is not safe to drink it is treated. All the action taken to make sure that drinking water is potable is called water treatment.
This water is collected from a special area called a catchment. The catchment feeds water into a holding area via rivers, streams and creeks. The water is then stored in a natural or artificial (manmade) barrier called a dam or reservoir. Dams are usually placed at the lower end of a valley.

Catchment areas are usually far away from towns or cities to lessen the chance of the water being polluted. There are laws which control human activities, such as farming and recreation in catchment areas and on dams to make sure that water supplies are kept potable.
On water quality, a religious scholar said, “The taste of water is the taste of life.”
Unfortunately, Kabul citizens have recently faced numerous problems on lack of potable water.
According to a survey launched by geology department of the ministry for mines and petroleum over the last years, it has been proven the central cities’ waters are more polluted than other areas.
There is no doubt the main reason behind this has been inattention of residents towards their environment. Therefore, the concerned organs are responsible to take necessary measures to tackle the problem. 
 World Water Day is an annual observance day on March 22 to highlight the importance of freshwater. It is also used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. World Water Day is celebrated around the world with a variety of events. The day can also include campaigns to raise money for water project and aware the people on its role in their life.
Afghanistan is among the countries where visibly lacks potable water and annually thousands of children lose their lives due to outbreak of deadly diseases being caused by contaminated water. Thus, a good water management is needed to prevent such challenges.
This comes as billions of cubic of Afghanistan’s waters are flowed to Iran and Pakistan, through which these countries’ earn good agriculture revenue.