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EMKA asks govt to restore its properties

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EMKA asks govt to restore its properties
 Staging a demonstration in Kabul on Sunday, the Afghan National Trade Unions (EMKA) members and leading body on a government decree on handing over of EMKA properties to MoF and requested their restoration.
Talking to media, chairman of EMKA Maaroof Qaderi said, as a long standing union, the EMKA, had purchased few pieces of land and constructed buildings through membership dues of members at different junctions of times according to available laws of the country. EMKA started activities in 1964 and ever since has been serving workers and government employees and at the moment it’s the mobilization center of Afghan workers to defend their lawful rights. EMKA is a non-budgeted part of the government and all decisions are made by congress and presidium. We had certain problems and were expected to settle the them through administrative channels but we failed and decided to launch this peaceful demonstration.
Talking on the demonstration, head of EMKA Public Relations Assadullah Majboor said, EMKA has all reliable evident and documents and legal deeds of its properties. But the government wants to hand over our properties to MoF or Lands Department.
In 2013, EMKA gained membership of the biggest convention of the World Trade Union based on global criterions. We also gained membership of Disputes Settlement Commission. The goal behind our today’s protest, is to defend our legal properties which have been purchased in the last 53 years and we have lawful deeds and documents from each one confirmed by Kabul Municipality.
We want the government to ensure justice and implement rule of law. Chairman of Herat Trade Union Asef Haiderzadah said, we came from Herat to attend this protest demonstration and raise our voice to prevent wasting of our legal rights. We ask NUG to hear our innocent voice and secure our legal rights and extend permit of EMKA. We have established a clinic in Herat in which hundreds patients are being treated every day.
Representative of EMKA women Sweeta Azimi said, according to ILO convention 144, EMKA is a legal partner of Afghan government. Our properties have been purchased from our members’ dues and belong to EMKA and have been registered according to item 4, article 16 of Population Law and in the light of item3, article 18 of the Population Law we regularly pay taxes to government. 
We ask the NUG to accept EMKA leading Body for settlement of current dispute, she concluded.