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HEC approves draft on internet price reduction

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HEC approves draft on internet price reduction
 In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, senior advisor of public relation at the ministry of communications and information technology, Khan Zaman Amarkhel in the connection with the draft of expension reduction of internet that was proposed by them to the High Economic Council (HEC) said that based on this draft plan, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology reduced the rate of communication networks packages of Afghan Telecom, communication company in 3G of Salam network.
This shows an reduction of 20 percent comparing other communication networks are active inside of the country.
According to Amarkhel, in wired internet packages of Afghan-Telecom (LCD), about 37.50 percent reduction has been occurred that these reduct are executed as of Hamal 1st of new solar year.
He added that for companies and those who offer Internet services20 percent reduction has been considered. This is in a time that direction reduction be offered to those who use internet.
Amarkhel continued that this reduction took place in two section, one in Salam Network and second one, in wireless optic fiber that majority of people benefit it in their houses.These telephones are wired and for education institutions, this reduction considered about 40 percent.
The ministry of communications encourages other communication companies they should consider reduction in their internet packages.
Amarkhel stated that Salam is a government network. We made effort that for the first time, reduction should beconsidered in this network. But, this ministry considers to pave the way for other communication networks in a manner so that they be encouraged to bring some changes in the packages they offer internet services for subscribers.Now, in Afghanistan sans Salam communication companies such as Etisalat, Afghan Wireless, Roshan andMTN are active and these companies did with offering services to attract more customers.
But, a number of people are complaining about offering communication services by some companies and say that not only in offering communication services, they bring reductions but these companies have no velocity in their services and in some parts, their service is weak and people are facing with problems in this regard.
People ask what is the problem?
Senior advisor in public relation in the connection said that we work on a system so that the private companies’ activities be supervised and with execution of this system, we are assured with implementation of this system, more positive changes would be occurred in rendering communication services.
In respond to a question that why some people have no access to communication services, he said that security is the main factor for offering communication services, in the areas security is maintained, we offer more services.
But unfortunately, in some insecure areas, our services are lesser.
In connection with improvement of communication services, Amarkhel responded that we have good programs for people. The internet services be improved and we should join with China in its submarine internet that named as “Wakhan project”. Our contact with China is continuing in this regard so that the project be functioned.
Work is continuing but It needs time.
Another program is this that we singed a MoU with Chinese government that via Kirghizstan and Tajikistan, the internet activities would maintain in Afghanistan and we consider this network be implemented till upcoming August month according to international norms and modern system of Afghanistan.
He added when this program be implemented, Afghanistan would be linked with regional and European countries as well.
Based on information of communication ministry, the programs of online passport and receiving of online ID-cards are another programs the work is going on by this ministry.
Amarkhel said every time that government to agree upon, we implement it.
Now, ministry of communication and information technology has 400000 subscriber and it may increase more but people are complaining about weak offering of communication services that should be reviewed.
This is in a time that now, with imposing 10 percent revenue on people 10.7 billion Afghani income has been poured in government treasury that where this money is spending.