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Expectations to work for Hollywood and Bollywood!

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Expectations to work for Hollywood and Bollywood!
 Tasal khan, the young film artist who could earn the hearts of millions of his fans of the film industry. That is why, he is called the KHAN of Afghanistan.
Tasal khan, who is 25 years old says” the interest and the real love that he has to work for media, he started his media career since his childhood. Regarding this, he earned good familiarity in the media of Afghanistan. Looking to his talent and interest, he always wants to further work for his media life.
 He expects to serve his people professionally and quality as to be compared to Hollywood and Bollywood. 
To look over KHAN’s life since school, he was playing multiple characters at stage dramas with showing his best. Thus, he was getting encourage from his classmates and teachers. This is caused to KHAN to find out to start his media career at Televisions and Radios.  
In addition to his roles as television, radio and commercial ads character he hosted the most popular global show “WHO WANTS TO BE MILLIONER” which is caused KHAN’s familiarity locally and globally. He hosted the show at his 20th age of his life. In reference to the best performance in the show, he become supported and encouraged all around the world.  
It is not the end for the KHAN. Despite of his biggest performance of making commercial ads, film production to America, Canada and became brand ambassador to the telecommunication companies, education sector, and getting his bachelor degree of journalism and so being film director and producer of his life achievement to be noticed.  
KHAN wants to go through his goals professionally. Therefore, he intends to get his master degree in the media sector. Refer to his biggest achievements, he is thankful of his elder brother HAROON SHAMS for his extreme supports.  
According to KHAN’s natural talent, qualification, experience he hopes to work at Hollywood and Bollywood. In order to achieve this, he will travel to India and America very soon. KHAN says” he is Afghan so, he will ever work for his beloved country and his people”.