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A saleswoman’s routine challenge in Kabul

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A saleswoman’s routine challenge in Kabul
 An talkative and likeable young girl, who was holding a few pieces of paper that she has in her hands and gives it out to the pedestrians.Two men point at her with a humiliating look.One of the men who instead of getting the leaflet that containing information about advertising of store and the address, he gives her his contact number and the girl rejects it without paying attention.
Rabieh described her working conditions as follows: morning from 8am to 3pm works as sale assistant in the shop to get pocket money for her expense and she have to be on Thursdays as well after work she goes to a private University that comes very handy. 
She’s been in the store for two years and says it was very difficult at the beginning to endure the contemptuous look of others that women’s-worked in the market and shopping centers you can see on their shallow look of some people.
But things are gradually changed a bit ignored everything by boosting her work.Rabiah said about her daily sales: This store has an income of about 5,000 to 10,000 Afghanis per day, and it will double near Eid and other occasions, but the amount she receives is not that much and that’s only about 6,000 Afs per month which is very unfair.
“Of course, this is not just my status, but lots of other women’s who I know as sales women that works in this situation,”she said.
“The insignificant salaries and security challenges of every day along with the contemptuous views of the people, are what I encounter and pretend I have not seen anything.”
Rabiah at the early stage she worked without her family consent and her family was not happy, but the lack of unfavorable living conditions for her family then they were pleased to have a job as a sale assistant in the shop These days, the presence of women is visible in almost all of the first-class shops, boutiques and stores.