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New academic year begins with lack of facilities: teachers, students

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New academic year begins with lack of facilities: teachers, students
 With the beginning of new 1397 solar year, a number of schools active in capital Kabul are facing with lack of education facilities and possibilities. 
The Kabul Times reporter maintained contact from near with two state-run boy and girl schools in the name of Abuzari Ghafari High School located in 5th distict and Ariana High School located in 2nd district of Kabul city respectively.
The Abuzari Ghafari High School is located in Charrahi Qambar of Kabul. Despite the building of this school is built by government, but lacks standardized classes. Beside this, the students have no sufficient chairs and tables.
A 12th class student, Haroon said unfortunately, we have neither suitable chairs nor tables, while in some other high schools of capital such as Habibia and Amani High Schools, the students are not facing with such problems.
 He demanded from ministry of education that like other high schools, facilities should also be provided for them.
According to principal of this school, there are four schools which are active, but they are facing with insufficient possibilities like them. 
As we inspected in a corner of this school the students of primary period are promoting their education in open air.
In connection with the situation of this school, the principal of this school said that Abuzare Ghafari is one of boy schools of Kabul city that with enjoying meagre possibilities promotes the education programs in three shifts.
Abdul Wodood Obaidi the principal of Abuzare Ghafari added that as of three years, he served the country in this post that within this period, the students were facing with such problems.
In four buildings of this school, there are 55 teaching branches that are include of computer room, teaching classes beside administrative body branches and 5500 students are promoting their education affairs.
The principal of the school added that beside this, we have buildings for Dari and Pashto languages as well that in the latter the refugees of Helmand also promote their education programs.
In connection with possibilities available in the school, he asserted that we have no chair and some chairs and tables prepared via assistance rendered for us by parents of students and we did to repair the them.
In this spring, a sum of 50000 Afs, has been collected from the families of students that is insufficient. To remove all problems existed in this respect, the ministry of education should also help us.
Despite weak possibilities, 153 male and female teachers are teaching their students and their salaries and other privileges are paid by ministry of education.
The principal of school demanded government to promote the privileges of teachers and make standardized their school.

A teacher of this school in the name of Fazel also demanded government to pay their salaries and other privileges on its due time and the promises given to them by the president should be met such as land for those teachers who are shelterless and providing text books for students, because majority of them are poor and do not afford to purchase them.
At the same time, the principal of Girl High School of Ariana, Ms. Jamila Sharif also said that the condition should be prepared for students so that with a peaceful mind, they promote their education program.
She added that problems existed in the field of computer, chair and benches, standardized class rooms, we are making effort to pave the way for education of students.
The Ariana principal in connection with basic problems facing by this school said that our basic problem is lack of standardized class rooms. The number of our students are very much and some times, from one to three students benefit from one chair.

 The ministry of education was informed, but so far, our problem didn’t addressed, she added that the building of kindergarten is damaging, no attention also has been paid in this regard.
It is said that when the students of this school displayed the small map of Afghanistan. The British council awarded this school and also in competition of handicrafts of students, from all schools of the city, this school gained an appreciation letter.
Despite shortage of possibilities, this school is growing and more initiations have been shown by the students and administration of the school in education level growth.
According to principal of this school, Ariana high school has historical background, attention should be paid to it, the class rooms should be standardized and the building of the schools should be rehabilitated. 
The Ariana and Abuzare Ghafari high schools are from among those schools that need further attention of government especially that of ministry of education.
Their shortcomings should be removed. If the ministry of education is falling short of addressing the problems, the same should ask the assistance of relief agencies.
It is said that the Abuzare Ghafari high school is established in 1995 and Ariana high school in 1968. 
Shukria Kohistani