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Unemployment; dangerous social challenge before youth

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Unemployment; dangerous social challenge before youth
 Unemployment is among the most concerning and dangerous phenomena which has faced the human-beings with different challenges.  
Unfortunately, hundreds of youth have left the country for abroad due to this challenge 
Ahmad, who is a university graduate in the field of journalism has faced many problems since 1396 solar year. 
He said I had been introduced in a state-run newspaper for practical period, adding since I started my practical period in the newspaper, I have been thinking that one day, I would be recruited here, but those were all my dreams and have not come true so far.
“I am really regretful to have spent much money to be a bachelor, through which to serve my country,” he further said. 
Unfortunately today, hundreds of youth are facing with the same destiny as I am, he went on to say. 
Government officials have always said in words they would create job opportunities for youth, but they have done nothing in practical, he continued. 
He asked the government of national unity to pay serious heed and make effort to provide the ground for job opportunities to youth.
Another university graduate Nazir Ahmad Ilham said the number of unemployed people has considerably increased throughout the country, and there is not any specific figure to indicate how many percent of the Afghans are unemployed. 
Billions of dollars have pumped into Afghanistan, but still the country is facing with numerous economic problems and challenges. 
According to official data, youths constitute over 70 pc of Afghanistan population, therefore, if they are invested, there is no doubt they would play constructive role in the future of the country.