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Labor children situation concerning, IHRC

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Labor children situation concerning, IHRC
 A fresh research conducted by Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) indicates that the situation of labor children is a matter of concern.
A report prepared by the commission is compiled from interviews took place with over 700 labor children of the provinces and was shared with media few days ago.
Misbehave, beating, low salary, psychological pressures, sexual violence and deprivation from education are from among main problems and challenges faced by children.
The report of IHRC is indicator of the fact that one million children are working in the country and three million other children are living under poverty-line.
Labor children that are mainly the food-bearers of their family or either belong to poor families are working under hard situations in various sectors.
The IHRC regards the situation of these children as a matter of concern and says that 56 percent of children are deprived from education and 32 percent of these children are threatening with cutting of their limbs during working, 40 percent of children say that they are forced to work and 16 percent other say that they are facing with sexual violence and 43 percent other with physical contacts.
A great percentage of them have asserted that they come under beating.
The Commission also regards war fishiness, reduction of weight and optic, heart, ear, throat and nose diseases are the aftermaths of work for children.
All these mean that the situation of children in Afghanistan is a matter of concern and unacceptable.
It is the duty of all institutions concerned and at the head the duty of government of Afghanistan and necessitates that attention should be paid to the situation of the children in this country.
These children are the asset of our country and builders of tomorrow Afghanistan. If the situation continue, Afghanistan loses its human capital and what these children would do for their country would be lost.
It is necessary that attention be paid to the situation of economy of families and with occurrence of change in economic situation of families, we can remove the reason existed behind what the children are forcing to work.
The ground should be prepared for education of children so that they can serve their country better and further.
This requires the security situation to get improvement as soon as possible and also the way would be paved for employment and positive change be occurred in the economic situation of the country.
 This would cause the families to prevent their children not to go to work.
On the other, those who committed crime and violated human rights against labor children should be introduced to the court.
The related organs should focus their attentions towards those centers the children are employed and during taking permit, the centers should give reliable commitment they would not employ the children any more, it necessities to employ them, special conditions should be observed for non-violation of human rights in its all forms as was mentioned before.
The government concerned institutions should draft the plans so that the ground be prepared for the access of children to education and their security.
At the end, it is necessary all citizens were given awareness to behave with labor children like their own ones and their rights be observed according to the law and their legal personality be saved from any violation.
The culprits should be convicted to sever punishment. 
Atiqullah a fifth grade student who is working in a vegetable shop in an interview  told The  Kabul Times reporter that  we are family of eight and I have to work with father shoulder  to shoulder. 
Atiqullah is a ten year old boy and with his small hands every early morning washing the vegetables and he added that if I wasn’t busy in this work, I could read my lessons and in the future I want to be a good doctor in Afghanistan and work for my people.
Mohammad Sharif, a eight-year-old boy who is a student at a tailoring shop, says that beside my school I am working in this shop to learn a profession.
But unfortunately, in a number of workshops and tailoring shops, the owner instead of teaching, they involved the children’s in cooking and cleaning. In addition, in Afghanistan today the children are  more being used in carrying out illegal activities, especially in war and drugs, which the Afghan government should take more serious plans in hand  to prevent it.