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Writers should protect holiness of Pen

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Writers should protect holiness of Pen
 When the Almighty Allah swear-in to pen, the holiness and worthy of pen began from that time.
The mankind communicate their messages with each other through tongue and pen and the worthy of personality of mankind is emboldened by pen more.
Gaining of privilege of mankind personality is not only related to delivering of speech and statement but is related to their writing in the course of transformation of time that invite people towards right path.
It is the pen that its one word or order rescues a mankind or a society and vice versa. 
The pen is a mean of manifestation of Almighty Allah in the mystery of His creature.
Pen is narrator of thought, culture and identity of nations and drawer of mental, political, social, litoral, policy, men of letters and knowledge.
Pen is transmitter of though, initiation, action and culture to present and upcoming generations and is a linking circle of numerous cultures and thoughts.
Pen is translator of thoughts and art that unveils the mystery of creation and instructor of wisdom and minds.
Pen and penmen in the length of their life full of ups and downs suffered much pains and witnessed much changes, felt them and feel now.
Today, the position of pen and penmen in Islamic culture and education is high and important.
But alas, before corrupted powerful people, egotistic personalities the penmen are as bristle of eye. 
Hazrat-i-Mohamamd (PBUH) says that the first thing that created by Almighty Allah was pen. Then He ordered: write.
The prophet Mohammad answered: Oh God, what I write?
Almighty Allah suggested: You write the quantity and destiny of everything till surrection day.
Yes! The position of pen is the position of Knowledge of Almighty Allah towards the system of creation.
 The pen clears the secrecy of the creation. 
The holiness of pen causes that Almighty Allah swear-in with pen and what it writes. 
 In the course of history the penmen and men of thought performed their great mission, so they are the worthy of the best appreciation.
But what is gained by penmen and writes is nothing but suffering of hardships and sustaining of rough narration.
The today’s society comprehends well that till the penmen and men of thought, analysts, reporters etc. not to reach to their main position in the society, the today’s development and progress would be a dream not a reality. 
Because, for access to the necessary condition for today’s world is possible only through pen.
What the mankind communicate their messages to far and close friends is possible only with pen.
Sometimes, the impact of pen is more comparing tongue and is eternal. Because, it’s the works of penmen that are changed into cultures, libraries and civilizations.
Almighty Allah sent His messengers along with books and leaves of pages.
As pen is the tongue of knowledge, thought, awareness, love, hope and offer eternity to the upcoming generations, they would also open the door of peace and security to us.
It should be mentioned that penmen has mission before this gift of Almighty Allah.
They should use pen with clean faith and honesty for instruction of mankind.
They should consider the realities and with keeping of holiness of pen, perform their duty before the suffering people and war-weary country, Afghanistan.