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Concerns rising over unemployment rate

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Concerns rising over unemployment rate
 During a press conference, Head of National Union of Afghanistan Workers and Employees, Marouf Qaderi said, unemployment rate has visibly been increased in the country in compare with last year.  
He said the figures released by World Bank indicated that majority of Afghans are living under poverty line. 
According to him, insecurities, low investment level, economic weakness and forced returning of refugees have been added to social challenges. 
Pointing at other issues, he said unfortunately, the workers, according to labor law, are not being properly paid routinely, therefore, the government of Afghanistan should step up in this regard. 
On workers’ union rights, he said, the workers’ union rights have not still been officially recognized by the government of Afghanistan and they are not being observed. 
According to the union, the retired people salaries are not paid on time, and these are the problems the union cannot lonely solve. Qaderi asked the government to pay heed in the respect. This is while the Asia Foundation has predicted that the economic situation of Afghan people won’t improve until the next two years.