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Mines as hidden enemy jeopardize our people life

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Mines as hidden enemy jeopardize our people life
 Unexpected incidents due to explosion of mines and UXOs that remained unearthed since the Russians time, victimize every month over 100 innocent countrymen and perish hundreds animals including cows, oxen, sheep, on pastures and mountain slopes in remote villages and districts in which demining operations are not possible.
Based on researches and assessments took place on existence of mines and UXOs either from the then USSR era or the devastating civil conflicts, show that this peaceful fertile land was changed to biggest mine field in the world.
Absolute majority of mines were planted by former soviet troops as well as the warning factions of civil wars. These two had considered planted mines as an extremely effective weapons of self-defence and defeat of their enemies. Unfortunately their planted mines have killed thousands Afghans and handicapped multi-thousands more.
Although demining agencies have been demining since 1989 vast areas contaminated with mines but still 32 percent area of Afghanistan are minefields and everyday a number of civilians are killed or injured due to explosion of buried mines in agricultural fields and pastures. Since the beginning of demining operations, over 21000 mine fields and UXOs have been swept.
According to a number of people, planting of mines and UXOs is an easy and simple work but demining is a potentially dangerous job with possible casualties. So for hundreds deminers have been killed or handicapped during demining operations.
It has been estimated that a mine costs US$04 to 10 while demining of each mine costs US$100-1000.
At present different demining agencies including OMAR international, Hello TRUST, MDC…etc are involved with mine sweeping or demining with over 2000 deminers in Afghanistan. Insecurity is one of the reasons that still vast areas and mine fields have not been demined and there are security threats by armedmen to deminers. During the past years, several deminers in volatile provinces have been kidnapped and even killed.