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On the occasion of Labor National Conference:

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Two-day exhibition held in Kabul

 On the threshold  of Labor National Conference (LNC), a two-day exhibition held on Sunday.
Handicrafts of  Afghanistan, fresh and dry fruits, agricultural and industrial products and some other commodities were laid to exhibition in Babur Garden of Kabul city for domestic and foreign enthusiasts.
Deputy minister of  labour and  social affairs, Laluddin Aryubi in connection with this exhibition said that in this exhibition, we  are  witnessing  of two issues.
First, those  who  are in need  of labor and  they are  absorbing according to their conditions.
The forms are consisting  of  their conditions and  based on information enshrined  in the forms, they search for work.
Considering to this, from one side promotion appears in private sector production and on the  other, the condition prepared  for those  who are  searching for  work.
He added that this industrial products exhibition and products of  Afghanistan is held by ministry of  labour  and  social affairs, chambers of  commerce and industry and with cooperation of International Labor Organization (ILO).
According to the spokesman of chambers  of  commerce  and  industry Siamuddin Persarly agricultural and industrial products belong to various  provinces are  displaying  through 40 booths in this  exhibition.
Pesarly added  that the producers  wanted to absorb labor for their companies.
Head of International Labor Organization in Afghanistan, Manzoor  Khaleq said that since two years, they made  effort to help provide employment and  promote the private sector and continue  their  cooperation in the connection. This  is in a time that recently, some  foreign institutions  reported  that 39 percent people are  searching for work in  Afghanistan.
The Ministry of  Labor and  Social Affairs regards unemployment as  a problem but says that the rate of unemployment is 22 percent not 39 percent.
This ministry says they expedited  their  efforts  to reduce the rate of  unemployment in  the country through every possible way.
At the same time , some  experts regard  important holding  of  such  exhibitions  for providing employment, promotion of  private sector and introduction of  domestic products to the market.One  of  experts, Abdurrahim Sayeedi in the connection said  that such exhibition increase relations  among labour employer, producers and  merchants and the relations existed among them are being embedded, with doing so, the government wants  to provide employment. Sayeedi added  that beside  this, the government should  make  effort to provide market for offering domestic products . The in charge of dried fruit told  The Radio Liberty that if the government help them in provision of  enhanced  machineries and infrastructure, their products would get increased. The government of  Afghanistan has said that support of  private sector is  the government priority that this itself indicates  that the government is  committed  to its commitments before  supporting private sector.