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Establishment of Journalism Faculty brings positive changes in Kabul University

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Establishment of Journalism Faculty brings positive changes in Kabul University
 Journalism Faculty under the ministry of higher education is committed to offer high-quality services, and to reach its goals according to the ministry’s national strategy, it has created some positive changes in term of teaching method. 
Journalism Faculty head and lecturer Prof. Mohammad Wahid Gharwal told The Kabul Times recently, we have revised in teaching method’s curriculum—a move created positive changes, through which some lessons have been removed and some new lessons have been created.
Currently, there are 900 students studying in Journalism Faculty of Kabul University, he added.  
In semester 8th, journalism faculty’s students are professionally classified—it means they can choose their favourite fields, such as economic journalism, cultural, military journalisms and some others, he went on to say.
In the past, the ground was not provided for practical works in journalism faculty, but now, with assistance and cooperation of the US embassy’s cultural section, the faculty is equipped with advanced studios for radio and TV and a digital press, he continued.  
It is merit to mention that to provide the ground for better and professional teaching, 5 lecturers of journalism faculty have been sent abroad to get their master and Ph.D degrees, if Allah the Almighty willing, they would soon return home and start teaching students, he stated. 
About master degree of journalism faculty he said, ‘Kabul’s Journalism Faculty would start master degree programs in Asad. ‘We would launch master section in Asad 1387, through which each university student can get his/her master degree in Kabul University after he/she completed bachelor period,’ he added. 
On journalism faculty graduates, he said, ‘The number of graduates differs each year, as last year, 300 students have been graduated from journalism faculty.’
He added journalism faculty annually enrols 250 students.
On employment opportunities to university students, Kabul University dean said, ‘There are many problems regarding providing employment opportunities for university students, but those who study in journalism faculty would be introduced to different audio-visual and printing media for practical period and they can be a contract staff.’
On teaching method in government and private universities, Prof. Gharwal said, ‘There is no doubt that there are many private universities operational throughout the country, within which even government lecturers teach.’ A journalism faculty student Amina said, ‘It is a pleasure that we get new experiences here.  We learn different fields.’ She added we don’t have any problem here and meanwhile, I would like to get my master degree in journalism, a dream would come true after I finish my bachelor period.