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Pen plays key role in human civilization, progress

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Pen plays key role in human civilization, progress
 Pen has played key role in development of the society in various fields of economic, political, cultural and social world and in Afghanistan, a special day –Saur 16 (coinciding May 6) has been set to mark the Pen Day every year, beginning from 1394 (2015) and registering in the country’s calendar, said Farhad Shaheer, the founder of Pen...
“We wanted to officially mark the Pen Day, as it plays the role of mother for any of the human values, human rights, freedom of speech and democracy, besides being one of the beginners of civilization in the world,” said Shaheer.

After being supported by the civil society and human rights activists, the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan accepted the offer and then Saur 16 coinciding to May 6 was approved to be marked as the Pen Day in Afghanistan.
Both penmen and penwomen have found their high positions in the society, particularly in the fields of education, higher education, literacy, journalism and literature, since the pen was approved to be marked in 2015, said Shaheer. “Illiteracy which was 85 percent 14 years ago, has now reduced to 65 percent, indicating a high change at the education level.”
The role of pen in the politics, economics and security was also tangible as in the areas with high rate of violence, as seen in the past 80 years, pen and education was not focused and not institutionalized for the people, while in the regions with education and pen values were felt among the people, war and violence are ignored and even eliminated.
“Schools are closed and people are deprived of education in many areas of the country due to lack of attention to pen, writing and education,” said Shaheer hoping to once have a free violence country in the near future.
He thanked the mass media for providing information about the values of pen, writing and education as well as the key vital role literacy and helped huge number of people get educated and the youth resort to education.