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Pen considered as founder of civilization

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Pen considered as founder of civilization
 16 Sawr as ‘Pen Day’ is an opportunity to recall dignity and regard of pen and its owners who have spent their whole life for enhancement of culture and art of this land.
Sometime, the effect of pen is more than the effect of tongue as it is eternal and their works have now changed to cultures, books, libraries and civilizations.
Culture figures of the country consider role and position of pen as very significant in change and development of a society, saying that pen as the only instrument and tool can transfer thought and human knowledge from generation to generation; on the other hand, it results in ending social gaps and development of cultures in a society.
Works have been done in poetry and novel-writing section in Afghanistan, while nothing has been done in research section. Writers should make effort towards searching works.
Each writer and pen-owner might have different introductions and interpretations. Pen cannot be confined. According to one of the country’s top poetess ShahlaLatifi, pen that is a sign of literacy and awareness plays valuable role in life process of the people in a society; moreover, each kind of knowledge and education begin with pen.
Making use of pen in a better way can open doors to human to take step towards peace and prosperity in a society in particular in a country where the day and night’s word of the people is war and gun and headline of daily news is about killing, explosion and suicide attacks. In such a situation, the only orifice and hope towards better and bright future can be education and writing.
One of the most peaceful ways for amendment and change of society is to write and get education. Writing plays effective role in amendment of criticism and shortcomings of a society in particular Afghan society. Through writing and education, current problems can be easily resolved and addressed.
The pen is founder of civilizations and rotates the wheels of society. The pen conveys the worries and pain of man through its continuous weeping. It can at the same time brighten the landscape with its smile when it touches upon life’s beauty and love, desire for life and its mysteries.But it is regretful that when this pen is in hands of an incompetent person, its tears will change to drops of blood, and its smile is a snicker on the utmost human credits. 
Cultural figure of the country say one of duties of Afghan mothers and fathers to teach writing by pen and show them the power of pen. In a society where all write and get education, a proper way of solution is sought to address a problem or big social gaps. 
It is very important now that we should buy our children pen, book or notebook rather than toy gun or pistols. 
Only pen can remedy pains of the people of Afghanistan in current situation no war and gun. Although freedom of expression has been provided in Afghanistan since the Taliban was toppled in 2001, writers in the country in some extent cannot openly express their views and visions as article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights says everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. But, there are still some countries that arrest and detain individuals for thoughts and visions they express and the principle of pen is threatened.