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Construction of standard terminals essential

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Construction of standard terminals essential
 Talking on the beginning of registration and assessment process of transportation companies in the country, the authorities of the MoT said that with the construction of standard terminals, only activity permits would be given to eligible transportation companies. 
According to MoT, in the previous years, a number of individuals, while owned no truck or buses, had received permits of transportation companies only for abuse, but as a result of fresh registration and evaluations, their permits would be annulled.  
Spokesman of the MoT Hekmatullah Quanch said, in order to fight corruption and provide further facilities to our people we plan to abrogate all non-real transportation companies who are registered only on paper and lack necessary criterions and establish companies equipped with standard facilities.
The Union of Transportation Companies (UTC) claim that non-real transportation companies bribe from passengers with support of powerful individuals. At present in most parts of the country specially in terminals or bus stations of Kabul-Herat highway, there are companies who sell tickets in high prices to passengers in restaurants and then drivers of companies who are not in collusion with these restaurants and powerful individuals have to transport these passengers.
A driver on Kabul-Herat highway said, restaurants charge Afs 400 per ticket of passenger but pay us Afs 200  per passenger.
Solaiman Mohmanda member of UTC said transportation of passengers is not arbitrary for drivers and the restaurants impose forcefully the passengers on us and if we react or protest, powerful individuals interfere and support them .Benyamin Wardak incharge of one of these transportation companies said, there are 47 transportation companies on western highway in Kabul, only seven of them are legal and real and 40 others imaginary.
Acknowledging operation of non-real transportation companies the MoT spokesman said that as a result of registration process of these companies in information bank of the MoT, such companies would be identified and abrogated.    
People specially passengers also complain on lack of non-standard companies and told The Kabul Times reporter that passengers are in dire need of standard terminals.
 Afghanistan is one of those countries that lacks standard terminals to meet the needs of passengers along highways.